Wishing Speedy Recovery to Kasirye, Journalist, Victim of Dictator Museveni’s Brutality

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Wishing Journalist Ashraf Kasirye a victim of the Museveni regime brutality a speedy recovery.

We would like to extend our heartfelt wishes for a swift and complete recovery to Journalist Ashraf Kasirye, who recently underwent surgery to address the injuries he sustained during the 2021 presidential elections in Uganda.

Ashraf Kasirye, a Ghetto TV journalist, was shot in the head on December 27th, 2020, while covering President Bobi Wine’s campaign in Kyabakuza trading center, on the outskirts of Masaka Municipality. Ashraf, who was standing behind Bobi Wine in the presidential campaigns, was tragically hit at close range during a scuffle between security forces and NUP supporters.

The severity of the incident resulted in Ashraf suffering severe bleeding and damage to his skull, leading to a cracked skull and lifelong trauma. This act of violence towards a journalist, committed under the command of regime operative, Enock Abaine, who was the Regional Police Commander of Masaka at the time, is deeply concerning and reflective of the risks journalists face in the Museveni regime.

Ashraf Kasirye had major surgery on September 25th, 2023, at the Boston Medical Center in Massachusetts, USA, to repair his cracked skull. We recognize the significance of this procedure and the long journey of recovery that lies ahead for Ashraf.

It is also troubling to note that Enock Abaine, the individual responsible for this act, has recently been promoted to the rank of full Commissioner of Police by the Museveni regime. This promotion stands as an injustice and a stark reminder of the challenges faced by journalists and the prevailing climate of impunity.

We stand in solidarity with Ashraf Kasirye, his family, and all journalists in Uganda who risk their lives to bring forth truthful and critical information. The perpetrators responsible for these crimes will eventually face justice and accountability.

May Ashraf Kasirye regain his health and strength soon, and may his courageous spirit continue to inspire others in the pursuit of truth and justice.

Dr. Daniel Kawuma
NUP Diaspora Team Leader

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