War Dodger and Traitor Donald Trump Blasted for Denigrating Dead U.S. Servicemen

He is a man of many fears I think
War dodger and serial liar Trump. Photo: Gage Skidmore Flckr
Donald Trump has been roundly criticized for allegedly saying Americans who died in war are “losers” and “suckers’ as reported in the Atlantic Magazine. Trump has denied making the comments, but the president is a serial liar. On a MSNBC broadcast Trump was blasted by: Malcolm Nance, a former Naval Intelligence Officer; retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey: Senator Tammy Duckworth, and; Pete Buttigieg, the former presidential candidate.
Malcolm Nance: “I’m going to ask the question that many chiefs ask on a daily basis but that the president needs to be asked, with great respect, and that is ‘What is wrong with you?’ Really! What is the malfunction of this president? I mean this is not the first time we’ve sat here and as any chief in the world, that is exactly what I would like to know because as commander in chief he is endangering our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. And you know what? He doesn’t respect them.”
Gen. Barry McCaffrey: “Well I find it entirely plausible. I mean president Trump has been a disaster on national security and this thing is so widely reported I find it very credible, particularly the comments to general Kelly, standing as his son, a marine officer killed in action in Afghanistan and essentially what’s in it for them, or disparaging the marines killed in Belleau Wood in World War I, 118,000 of our soldiers went over and fought to save democracy in France and the U.K. Just simply astonishing. He is a man of many fears I think. Fear of service. Fear of disfigurement. Fear of death and he literally can’t understand. The millions of veterans who have stepped forward to fight to defend this country, without reward, monetary reward or for medals but simply to protect our constitutional way of life.” 
Senator Tammy Duckworth: “Well I wish I could tell you I was surprised but I’m not surprised. When I went through basic training in the Army, they taught us Army values and those are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, integrity, and personal courage. Has anybody ever seen Donald Trump exhibit any of those values at all? No. In any situation, whether it has to do with the military or not. And so I’m not surprised that he would say these things, but it is completely unacceptable in the commander in chief of the United States to say such things about the heroes who served in uniform. 
Pete Buttigieg: “Think about what this does to morale but also think about what it means to a commander who’s in that situation room perhaps making decisions we don’t even know about concerning those who have been captured actually harbors these attitudes, some of which we’ve known about for sometime by the way. This just brings it to a new level. So the conversation I think we need to have in particular is with folks who may have just voted Republican for their whole lives because that’s normal in their community and in particular that’s what they have expected that military families would do. I think it’s very revealing that even before these shocking revelations, news has come out that the president has lost the support of military members and their families.”

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