New York City Premiere Of ‘Liar Lear King’ Opens May 9

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Satellite Collective’s Tribeca Show 2024 at Satellite Gallery, 101 Reade Street, Tribeca, NYC from May 9 – 21, 2024 with two weekends of premieres and events from artists across all disciplines and new prints, projections, film and photography from featured artists Kevin Draper and Lora Robertson.

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Thursday, May 16, 7:00 – 8:30 pm


NYC Premiere of “Liar Lear King” ballet score for strings by Ellis Ludwig-Leone. Performed live, with a performance of his “Past Life” for violin, cello, and piano; three compositions by Will Healy, 2023 Leonard Bernstein Award Winner and Founder of SHOUTHOUSE; “Root Position”, “Chimes”, “Mariners” performed live with violin, viola, cello, and piano; and reception for visual artists Kevin Draper and Lora Robertson.

(Tickets $25) Reception and Refreshments included with ticket. Ticket link.

“Liar Lear King” premiered in 2022, co-produced by Grand Rapids Ballet with choreography by San Francisco Ballet Alum and Oregon Ballet Theater Artistic Director Danielle Rowe, score by Brooklyn-based composer and indie classical phenom Ellis Ludwig-Leone, and film and scenery by Kevin Draper and Lora Robertson. In the run-up to the New York premiere of the full ballet, the full thirty minute score will be performed live at Satellite Gallery, 101 Reade Street, with Ludwig-Leone conducting. “Liar Lear King” explores themes of narcissism and bullying, and their impact on our families.

To hear the official recording of “Liar Lear King” and see the premiere performance of the ballet follow this link.

Juilliard-trained composer and bandleader Will Healey will present solo piano work inspired by his Opus in development, Orbit – a piece that lays out a musical galaxy in which heavenly bodies interact, evolve, and eventually reach consciousness. Healy served as Music Director for the premiere of Aaron Severini’s score for Echo & Narcissus with Satellite Collective at BAM Fisher in 2018. This new work draws from Healy’s compositional experiments with hip-hop, jazz, and classical music.

“Satellite is working in a new kind of venue for the collective. We are bringing the athletic performance and production values of our performing arts work into a gallery space. Here, we have the opportunity to engage in longer conversations with our audience and more prominently feature the compelling visual artists driving Satellite’s collaborations,” shared the team at Satellite.

Satellite Collective’s Tribeca Show 2024 is designed to foster intimate moments in a classic New York gallery space. In addition to new prints and projections from featured artist Kevin Draper and new film and photography by featured artist Lora Robertson, the Tribeca Show will consist of two busy weekends of new music, dance, discussion, and visual art, and film presented by Satellite Collective. Satellite Collective’s Tribeca Show 2024 will include direct art experience with panels, performances, visual art, screenings, and a view into how creativity informs collaboration.

Satellite Collective formed in 2010, with members of the New York City Ballet, visual artists, writers, and composers from across the country. Since then, Satellite has produced fourteen seasons of multi-disciplinary work in New York City with an imposing cross section of the city’s young talent. Satellite has evolved since its inception, spinning off several dance and arts nonprofits, while growing programs in financial services and professional development, designed by, led, and supported by artists.

Satellite incubates artists collaborating as equals. The company designs performances, arts exchanges, and publications that bring talented artists from all disciplines to work together. Satellite Collective is New York based, with regional studies on Lake Michigan, in the Pacific Northwest, and participating artists from around the world.

For this innovation and commitment the Borough of Brooklyn awarded Satellite Collective a Citation for Achievement in the Arts for “building a sustainable creative, financial, and collaborative model that can generate new visions for dance, multimedia, music and poetry.” The citation goes on to note that the company has “added to the awe-inspiring cultural landscape of our Borough and beyond.”

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