Social Security Administration Launches Online Performance Tracker For Customer Service Priorities

By Social Security Administration

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

Visitors to Social Security’s website are now able to track the agency’s progress towards achieving its top customer service goals at

In February 2024, Commissioner Martin O’Malley launched SecurityStat—an agencywide, cross-cutting performance management program—to accelerate the deployment of customer service improvements. SecurityStat brings top executives and subject matter experts together every two weeks to analyze data, identify problems and solutions, and follow through on necessary changes.

As a result of this collaborative, data-driven approach, the agency has implemented changes more rapidly to address Commissioner O’Malley’s top three customer service priorities: reducing wait times on the National 800 Number; issuing disability determinations faster; and addressing overpayment and underpayment injustices.

“SecurityStat offers a new and unprecedented level of transparency for Social Security’s stakeholders and customers,” said Commissioner O’Malley. “Now, on our new SecurityStat website, the public can easily view the progress we are making on certain priorities, like our 800 Number performance, average processing time for disability determinations, and average processing time for retirement, survivor, and Medicare benefit claims.”

For example, one of Social Security’s top goals is to answer calls to the National 800 Number within an average of 12 minutes by the end of fiscal year 2025 while increasing the percentage of calls answered. Since November, the agency has reduced the average waiting time from 40.8 minutes to 24.5 minutes over the most recent month, as shown in the graph below. SecurityStat website provides information, like the graph below, about the degree to which actions implemented by the agency in the past few months have impacted wait times.

For more information, please visit: Commissioner O’Malley’s First 100 days Accomplishments | SSA.


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