The Current Murders, Killings, In Dictator Museveni’s Uganda Indicate Fascism Of Ruling Regime

By Zacharia Kanyonyozi

Photos: YouTube Screenshots

Legislators sitting on the Defence and Internal Affairs committee of Uganda’s Parliament have embarked, once more, on a tail-chasing exercise that is sure to throw good taxpayer’s money after bad.

The parliamentary committee tasked the Minister for Internal Affairs Maj. General Kahinda Otafiire to explain the growing number of killings in the country.

The legislators say the recent attempted assassination of Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo, the murder of the Masindi District Health Officer Dr. Jino Abiriga, coupled with other cases of murder is causing disquiet among the public.

While Parliament is applauded for its concern, it must be ridiculed for its recourse to the very men who are behind these killings.

In terms of the Museveni Junta’s military ranking, Gen Otafiire, whose army number is R0 0014, is second to Dictator Museveni, who is R0 001.

You might ask how number 14 may follow number 1, but that’s if you do not know that army officers with numbers from RO 002 to RO 0013 have all died.

Gen Salim Saleh, who is Dictator Museveni’s brother, is RO 0016, Gen Ivan Koreta is RO 0018 and Julius Chihandae is RO 0024. The three men are all ex-FRONASA and NRA men.

It should be noted that FRONASA and NRA men are the nucleus of the Uganda Army, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces.

A little recap for the non-cognoscenti:

The Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) was a Ugandan rebel group led by Dictator Museveni. The group emerged in 1971, although it was formally founded in 1973. Many Ugandans believe it was the force behind many of the 300,000 killings in the Amin era. By 1980, there were well over 9000 FRONASA fighters.

Also once led by Dictator Museveni, the National Resistance Army (NRA), the military wing of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), was a rebel army that waged a guerrilla war, commonly referred to as the Ugandan Bush War or Luweero War, against the government of Milton Obote, and later that of Tito Okello. 500,000 Ugandans perished in this war. NRA grew out of FRONASA.

Now, with this background in mind, how does it make any sense to ask killers to investigate killings?

In 2020, Otafiire, then still Minister for East African Community Affairs, said he did not go to the Luweero bush war to fight to take power and hand it over Robert Kyagulanyi AKA Bobi Wine.

“We will not hand over power to anyone threatening violence. I like Kyagulanyi’s songs, but Kyagulanyi can’t lead me. I did not fight in Luweero for Kyagulanyi to lead me. We went to Luweero and fought; then now you tell me to be ruled by Kyagulanyi! No! Can he take us anywhere?” he said.

“We will not hand over power to anyone threatening violence,” Gen Otafiire added.

Now, by the spate of killings in Uganda being on the rise and all of these killings being either blamed on the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) or Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform, don’t be surprised when the two are conflated by Dictator Museveni in order to crack down on Uganda’s opposition, hard,

Remember that Gen. Muhoozi, aka Junior Dictator and Baby Doc, has already linked these killings to the “Killing of our supporters”.

“Once again we urge the law enforcement agencies to quickly investigate and bring these criminals to justice. Who are these criminals? Is it ADF or some other shadowy group? We need answers to these questions,” Junior Dictator Muhoozi said.

Bujjingo is a dyed-in-the-wool Museveni supporter and so was the late blogger Isma Olaxess.

“The case of the cold-blooded murder of Isma Olaxess is still unresolved. Once again we thank God that Pastor Bugingo survived this heinous attack,” Junior Dictator Muhoozi added.

The ground is being set, dear reader, for more killings and more Museveni Junta crackdowns on those accused of the same.

Of course the Opposition will be accused of the killings and, to paraphrase US Federal Judge Jim Garrison, fascism will come to Uganda in the name of national security.

Excuse me, dear reader; Fascism is already alive and kicking in Uganda. It has been since 1986 and it is still thriving today.

Allow us to prove this.

“Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who was appointed in October 2022, is Italy’s first prime minister with a past in a neofascist organization: As a teenager, she was an activist with the Movimento Sociale Italiano (MSI), a now dissolved neofascist movement that was openly apologetic for former dictator Benito Mussolini’s regime,” stated Foreign Policy, the American news publication.

And guess who loves her?

Well, here’s a clue: after Meloni was appointed, Junior Dictator Muhoozi offered her 100 head of cattle as bride price. He added that he would have to capture Rome if his offer were rejected!

I think he prefers to fiddle, just like Emperor Nero did, as Rome (read Kampala) burns.

At any rate, his admiration for Meloni is classic projection.

In psychology, projection arises when feelings directed towards the self are displaced towards other people.

In this case, Baby Doc’s fascist fantasies were projected on the Italian leader and this is why he seemed so unhinged and yet so genuine in his affections for the politically misbegotten Meloni.

Anyway, as the Opposition is un-alived, it is our prayer that Ugandans are alive to this dark conspiracy by Dictator Museveni and his associates to continue to lead Uganda by blood and iron.

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