NY Post Accused Of ‘Sexist, Inaccurate’ Letitia James Tweet

[New York]

Today, Councilwoman Letitia “Tish” James and women’s advocates called on the New York Post to apologize following an offensive and inaccurate Tweet posted by its Editorial Writer Robert George.

George posted a tweet stating: “BREAKING: NYC Public Advocate candidate Tish James reveals past as stripper, just for, you know, street cred.”   

“No woman, whether she works in politics, in a school, in an office, or anywhere else, should have to defend herself against inaccurate charges and innuendo rooted in sexism,” said Councilwoman Letitia James. “I am a strong, proud woman and I will not stand by while I’m targeted with comments that are false and demeaning, particularly when they come from opinion makers in the news media in this highly charged climate. When we let such behavior go unchallenged, we subject all of our sisters, daughters, and mothers to it. There is simply no place in our society for such comments and the New York Post should apologize immediately.”

If elected Public Advocate, James will be the first African American woman to hold city-wide office in New York City. She has been a long-time champion of women’s rights, including equality in the workplace and women’s reproductive rights.

National Organization for Women (NOW-NYC) President Sonia Ossorio said: “Not only is Mr. George’s remark offensive and hurtful, as a representative of the New York Post, it reflects poorly on the paper. He should be reprimanded and his comment clarified. NOW-NYC has been proud to endorse Councilwoman Letitia James for Public Advocate, but even if we hadn’t endorsed Tish, we would stand by her and any woman who was targeted with sexist remarks.”

“In the year 2013, no woman should have to address baseless and ridiculous comments like Mr. George falsely claiming that Ms. James was a stripper,” said Councilwoman Inez Dickens. “It is offensive to all women, particularly those of us who have fought long and hard to earn respect in government. I stand with Councilwoman James and call on the New York Post to apologize.”

“One can’t be shocked that a New York Post writer Tweets something that’s totally made up and downright offensive,” said Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito. “I stand with Tish James because targeting someone using sexism is never funny or acceptable and we will not tolerate it. Shame on Mr. George. I urge the New York Post to apologize to Tish James and women who are offended by its editorial writer’s offensive Tweet.”



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