“Latinos for LaSalle” Organization Launched, Demands Confirmation of Judge LaSalle

unprecedented effort to distort Judge Hector LaSalle’s judicial record

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Thursday, a group of prominent leaders launched Latinos for LaSalle with the mission to fight back against an unprecedented effort to distort Judge Hector LaSalle’s judicial record and prevent him from being appointed as the first Latino Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals. 

The organization includes prominent leaders such as labor leader Dennis Rivera, former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer and philanthropist Luis Miranda Jr.

The group released the following statement. 

“When a governor nominates a Chief Judge, it is the responsibility of the public and the legal community to debate their judicial history and weigh their record to ensure that the most qualified candidate is confirmed for such a critical position.

That is not what’s happening to Judge LaSalle – a jurist with a lifetime of experience on the bench. 

Judge LaSalle has been a part of over 5,000 cases throughout his career, yet an organized group of people supporting other candidates for Chief Judge has decided to cherry pick a handful of cases in an unprecedented, disingenuous and unhinged campaign to distort his record. 

We will not allow this to continue. 

There have been dozens of Chief Judges and Associate Justices that have been appointed to the Court of Appeals since the judicial reforms of 1974. Never has the State Senate blocked a governor’s pick to sit on this court. Why would this appointment be treated any differently? 

We will not stand by as agenda-driven groups, who often claim to speak for the marginalized, purposely twist Judge Lasalle’s record and tell outright lies just to achieve their political ends. 

While precedent and the confirmation process dictate that Judge LaSalle remain publicly silent until his confirmation hearing – even as others twist his record – we, the members of Latino for LaSalle, have no such restraints. 

We are calling on every State Senator to acknowledge the way that this nominee has been mistreated and reevaluate how his record has been distorted as they consider their stance on his potential appointment. 

In the weeks ahead, we will work to correct the record of Judge LaSalle’s experience, highlight his experience and qualifications, and callout those who seek to inject lies and falsehood into the public debate. 



Dennis Rivera: Labor Leader

Fernando Ferrer: Former NYC Mayoral Candidate

Melissa Mark Viverito: Former NYC Council Speaker

Luis A. Miranda, Jr.: Philanthropist 

Tonio Burgos: Consultant

Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez: Former Secretary of State 

Raul Russi: Former New York City Sheriff

Peter Rivera, Esq.: Former NYS Assembly Member

Luis A. Gonzalez, Esq.: Former Presiding Justice, First Department, Appellate Division

Hon. Jose Rivera: NYS Assembly Member

Roberto Ramirez, Esq.

Former NYS Assembly Member: Ricardo Aguirre, Esq. 

NYS Assembly Counsel: Robinson Iglesias, Esq.

Attorney: Alberto Torres, Esq.

Attorney: Catherine Torres, Esq.

Attorney: Ululy Rafael Martinez, Esq. 

Attorney: Telesforo del Valle, Esq. 

Attorney: Thomas Oliva, Esq.

Attorney: Ricardo Oquendo, Esq. 

Attorney: Janet Alvarez, Esq.

Attorney: Carmen Torrent, Esq.

Attorney: Rosevelie Marquez Morales, Esq.

Attorney: Edward Flores, Esq.

Attorney: Luis O. Diaz, Esq.

Attorney: Doralyn De Dios Britto, Esq.

Attorney: Mayvel Garcia, Esq.

Attorney: Jamell Isidor, Esq.

Attorney: H. Benjamin Perez, Esq.

Attorney: Martin E. Restituyo, Esq.

Attorney: Olivia D. Rosario, Esq.

Attorney: Jeffrey Saavedra, Esq.

Attorney: Sergio Villaverde, Esq.

Attorney: David Hernandez, Esq.

Attorney: Frank Torres, Esq.

Attorney: Richard Ortiz, Esq.

Attorney: Narcisco Garcia, Esq.

Attorney: Gustavo F. Bruckner, Esq.

Attorney: Cary Kaplan, Esq.

Attorney: John Martinez, Esq.

Attorney: Steven M. Cordero, Esq.

Attorney: Osvaldo Caban, Esq.

Attorney: Vincent Torres

Attorney: William Flynn, Esq.

Attorney: Peter Rivera, Jr., Esq.

Attorney: Juan Restrepo, Esq.

Attorney: Angelicque Moreno, Esq.

Attorney: Jessica Molinares Kalpakis, Esq.

Jasmin Clavasquin: Community Leader

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