Israeli Waiters Union Founder Demands U.S. Cut Off Military Aid

Photos: YouTube Screenshots

WASHINGTON—Alon-Lee Green, the founder of Israel’s first union of waiters and bartenders, is demanding the U.S. cut off all military aid to Israel to force its rabidly right-wing Netanyahu government to end its war on Gaza and its civilian population.

“In America, demand of your politicians ‘No more of a blank check to the Israeli government,’” Green said at an AFT-sponsored March 21 forum on the many decades-long bitter war between Israel and the Palestinians.

“Cutting off aid and maybe even canceling aid could do it,” said Green, co-founder, with Israeli Palestinian Sally Abed of Standing Together, a joint Palestinian-Israeli organization dedicated to changing Israeli attitudes towards the Palestinians and their rights. The two toured the country for a week and a half, bringing that message to various groups.

The U.S. has sent billions of dollars in military aid to Israel for years, and stepped up the aid when the Israeli military began bombing, strafing, and invading Gaza, in what it claimed is retaliation for Hamas’s Oct. 7 attacks in Israel.

In what much of the world sees as genocide, Israel’s retaliation has killed at least 30,000 Gazans—70% of them women and children—injured double that number, caused widespread famine among 1.1 million Gazan refugees, and wrecked Gaza’s infrastructure. It’s also cut off water, power, and medicine, essentially almost totally destroying Gaza. Killing children and women, of course, is a practice those who carry out genocide employ to accomplish their aim of wiping out an entire people….READ MORE

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