Uganda: U.S. Senator Coons, Possibly Next Secretary of State, Condemns Election Violence

Next Secretary of State?


Senator Chris Coons, who is in the running to become Secretary of State when Joe Biden takes over as president has condemned the violence on Wednesday against civilians in Uganda who protested the arrest of leading presidential candidate Bobi Wine. “I am deeply concerned by the crackdown and violence against peaceful protestors, journalists, and opposition leaders in #Uganda in the lead up to the elections in January,” Senator Coons tweeted this evening. 

In an earlier interview during the day he told CNN that the disruption in the U.S. presidential transition process due to Donald Trump’s intransigence had emboldened some rulers around the world, leading to human rights abuses and arrest of opposition leaders. Coons mentioned Uganda as one of those countries. 

In another tweet later this evening, Senator Coons tweeted: “The credibility of elections and the health of democracy are not solely determined by the events on the day voters go to the polls. Human rights, fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law must be respected before, during, and after Uganda’s election.”

President-elect Biden is expected to announce top cabinet posts around Thanks Giving next week or shortly thereafter. Coons, who is close to Biden, is believed to be a leading candidate for Secretary of State. 

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