Trump Up Late Losing His Mind Over Lincoln Project Immigration Ad

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February 13, 2024 – Trump was up late losing what’s left of his mind on Truth Social with threats to the Lincoln Project over the immigration ad we ran in Mar-A-Lago & South Carolina over the weekend. Trump’s the one who killed the immigration bill because he thinks it will help him win the election – national security be damned.

Trump’s Truth post:

You can watch Rick Wilson’s response to Trump:

Trump and his MAGA cult members in Congress are siding with drug cartels and child traffickers, while putting Border Patrol agents in danger, we tell voters in the ad. You can watch the ad.

[Narrator] Joe Biden is ready to protect America’s southern border.

Crack down on illegal crossings.

Set tough but fair, new standards.

Build up border patrol, adding thousands of new agents.

Stop the flow of fentanyl, child sex traffickers, and even terrorists.

There’s only one problem.

[President Biden] Donald Trump.

[Narrator] Donald Trump has ordered Republicans to block the toughest immigration bill in decades.

For all their tough talk, their solution is to do nothing.

Because Donald Trump needs chaos to win.

[Biden] He’d rather weaponize this issue, than actually solve it.

[Narrator] If he wins, he’ll do nothing.

Just like last time.

His wall, a joke.

Donald Trump doesn’t care if your family’s safety or the lives of law enforcement officers are in the balance.

He’s on the side of the cartels, coyotes and child traffickers.

There’s only one candidate who will do something about our border, and it was never Donald Trump.

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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