The Unpatriotic Act: Will The NFL Crown Cheaters As Super Bowl Champs This Year?


Belichick and Brady. End justifies means? The fish smells from the head

With the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal a breath away, we are now faced with the sordid details that Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots on the way to his 5th Super Bowl appearance is enmeshed in another cheating scandal, “deflated” footballs, or “Deflate-gate”.

For years, Coach Belichick one of most winningest coaches in the N.F.L. and a future hall of famer, has been caught cheating and fined. Why tarnish the integrity of this exciting albeit vicious sports and his own once again with alleged under-handed tricks?

A few years ago Coach Belichick was caught illegally filming the New York Jets’ defensive plans, and was fined $500,000. Evidentially, Belichick did not learn his lesson.

What is not understood at least by me is if you have been so successful, winning the Super Bowl championships three times, why cheat?

It makes the fans wonder if all those championships were won legally; maybe N.F.L. Commissioner, Roger Goodell, should be obligated to investigate those victories.

If the coach cheated, and it can be established, the Commissioner would have to over-turn those victories.

Some fans are calling for a reversal of the Patriots’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts; they want the game awarded to Indiana, even though the Colts were thoroughly beaten 45 to 7 by the Patriots and the Colts have never beaten the Patriots.

During his press conference, Belichick with a stoic face, and not breaking a sweat, repeatedly denied that he had any knowledge of the deflated footballs. Then suddenly he seemed to throw the attention on this cheating scandal away from himself, by telling  reporters,  “Ask Tom Brady, he handles the balls and he has always liked a softer ball.”

Was he trying to throw Brady under the bus by making that statement?

In his defense, Tom Brady gave almost a carbon-copy of Bill Belichick’s response to the press; he denied tampering with or deflating the footballs. Brady did state that when he selected the game balls, “I don’t want anyone touching them at anytime.”

Many former N.F.L. Quarterbacks like two-time Super Bowl winner with the New York Giants, Phil Simms, have a difficult time believing Brady’s innocence. Simms stated in an interview, “I’d be shocked if he could not tell that the ball was deflated. The Quarterback could absolutely know if the ball was underinflated.”

According to N.F.L. rules each team, visitor and home team, must provide 12 footballs for each game which are then weight-tested by the referees. The balls must weigh 14 to 15 ounces and be inflated with 12 ½ to 13 ½ pounds of air. They are not to be altered during the game and they must have the Wilson maker’s name, with the football Commissioner Roger Goodell’s signature.

The balls are then turned over to a team employee; that’s the point where it could be tampered with. The balls really should be kept under the scrutiny of the referees, or the N.F.L. designated officials.

The goal of every athlete is to prepare himself, or herself, to be successful in his or her chosen sports, reach immortality, be considered the best, and of course, win championships. The athlete then earns a trip to the Hall of Fame. The athlete must work hard to meet the challenge without cheating.

Why defraud that effort to be idolized as a great athlete by cheating like the alleged steroids users Alex Rodriguez, and Roger Clemens? They both were idolized and now they are fallen idols who will never be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Let’s not forget former Welterweight Champion, Antonio Margarito’s, boxing glove-gate, a few years ago in his fight with Sugar Shane Mosely.

How many of us will be watching the Super Bowl, February 1, 2015, in Glendale, Arizona, wondering if the game is legit? This classic is watched by billions on a global level; yet, there will be a shadow on this game especially if the New England Patriots win.

Goodell then will have to award a suspected football game cheater the Lombardi Trophy and make all of the politically correct statements. Additionally, the Most Valuable Player plaque will be awarded; maybe to Tom Brady, a suspected cheater.

Commissioner Goodell has a tough task to bring the integrity back to the game of Football, and of course, the Super Bowl.

Critics accused him of mishandling the 52 domestic violence cases, especially Ray Rice’s case involving the star knocking out his wife in a public elevator in the Revels Casino.

How can Commissioner  Goodell clean up this latest crisis before February 1, 2015? Does he suspend Belichick and Brady? Does he allow the game to go on? What input will the Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft have in cleaning up this latest crisis of the N.F.L.?

My dear Black Star News readers give me your opinions.

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