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The attacks on Sanders represent Wall Street and America’s wealthy elites’ response to Sanders’ message. They like wealth inequality and will do everything to preserve it.
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Senator Sanders must use Sunday’s debate to undress the hpocrisy of the Democratic Party “leadership.”

This Sunday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will face-off against former Vice-President Joe Biden in a one-on-one debate after another disappointing Tuesday of primaries that have propelled Biden into frontrunner status.

Senator Sanders should use the debate opportunity to highlight why his policy platform is superior to Biden’s—and the corporate-controlled Democratic Party.

He must transform the debate into a historic presentation, and confrontation, against the Democratic leadership who are selling out Americans when real change is within reach.

Wednesday, Sanders made it clear he will soldier on although Democratic Party leaders were saying he should suspend his campaign. Sanders fittingly rejected this premature call to crown Biden the nominee. In the upcoming debate, Sanders must crush Biden on the issues and expose this Democratic Party that talks big about “fighting for the middle class” and average Americans while delivering very little.

The Democrats, and the mainstream propaganda press, have just orchestrated a highly effective character assassination campaign coup against Sanders by creating and spreading a fog of fear and disinformation. Why shouldn’t Sanders use the opportunity to unmask these Democrats?

Two weeks ago, Sanders was the trending frontrunner. Then, the Party, and the establishment media, ratcheted up red-baiting fearmongering tactics and pushed the “electability” argument to indoctrinate the masses into thinking Sanders couldn’t really win. Their deceit has worked like a charm.

As Malcolm X once warned us, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

Wednesday, Sanders said he was told repeatedly by certain voters that while they agreed with his policies they don’t think he can win—so can’t vote for him. This speaks volumes about the success of the anti-Sanders media narrative.

Democrats are telling Americans Senator Sanders can’t win, in part, because they say his policy proposals cost too much. We just don’t have money for basic things like affordable healthcare, housing, and college, we’re told. Isn’t it interesting how leaders, who say they believe in democracy, can never find money to help the poor many but can always find it for the rich few?

Throughout this campaign, we’ve heard Democratic candidates give empty promises about how they’ll fight hard for working people and the “middle class,” whatever that is. These same politicians then turn around and say Sanders’ transformative plans cost too much, so we shouldn’t even try them. Biden, like others, also repeatedly asks where the money will come from?

Why is it these same candidates never ask that question when it comes to funding the military—or more correctly, the military war profiteering industry? When it come to that we hear zero objections about the cost.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed Democrats criticizing Republicans for inaction on gun control legislation. This is especially the case when whites become mass murder victims in America’s domestic killing fields. Every year, 36,000 Americans are killed domestically by gun violence—100 per day. Another 100,000 are shot and injured every year.

Yet, many of these same Democrats, who pontificate moral outrage when these local massacres occur, wholeheartedly support the immoral military budget, and the mercenary foreign policy that is used to justify it. Somehow, murderous gun violence is just fine when it is being perpetrated against victims “over there.” When these same weapons are killing many, mostly, non-white people around the world the silence of Democrats is damning.

Aren’t these weapons made from the same military merchants of death who profit from mass misery?

Duplicitous Democrats, and Republicans, like to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when it is convenient. Yet, they ignore what Dr. King said on the subject of military spending in relation to funding programs to help struggling Americans.

In Dr. King’s “Three Evils” speech, he talked about the “Three major evils—the evil of racism, the evil of poverty, and the evil of war.” Dr. King also made the connection between military spending and non-investment in programs to uplift the working poor. He pointed out that “when a nation becomes obsessed with the guns of war, social programs inevitably suffer. People become insensitive to pain and agony in their own midst…”

America’s annual military spending—now upwards of a trillion dollars—accounts for over half, (around 54 percent) of the nation’s discretionary spending budget. According to the Military Priorities Project, America spends more on military spending that 144 other countries in the world. This includes: China, France, Germany, India, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Americans should question this. Is this amount of military spending necessary for the nation’s defense? Or is this just the mechanism by which politicians transfer taxpayer dollars to war profiteers who stuff their pockets with blood money?

In contrast to military spending, the annual percentage of the discretionary budget allocated to Education, Housing, and Medicare\Healthcare is a miserly six percent each. Social Security, Unemployment and Labor get a combine three percent. Science gets the same.

This tells us everything about Washington’s warped priorities and wrong-headed worldview.

Senator Sanders should compel Vice-President Biden to explain why he says we can’t provide affordable healthcare and college to regular Americans—but can allocate massive funds to the war profiteering machine? The crooked connection between America’s big business interests and America’s depraved foreign policy must be made for the public benefit.

Senator Sanders made it clear he will speak about the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak and how it connects to his Medicare for all plan. Sadly, this health pandemic is a grave example of why Sanders is correct in fighting for affordable healthcare. This emerging health crisis should make us all realize healthcare should be provided by a government “by the people, for the people,” and not by swindlers making money off of the suffering of the sick.

What kind of society sees it fit to spend so much on the military and so little on healthcare?

As of this writing, some 132,000 global cases of Coronavirus have been recorded. 5,000 have died. Confirmed cases in America exceed 1,700. As of Friday, there have been 41 deaths.

At this point, regular Americans must do the best they can to protect themselves from this virus. Beyond that, we can only hope for the best. Expecting America’s current medical system to save us is a scary proposition—given their primary emphasis on making money, as opposed to real healthcare.

This all leads us back to Senator Sanders’ main message of wealth and income inequality, which is the central economic problem we face today in America. The attacks on Sanders represent Wall Street and America’s wealthy elites’ response to Sanders’ message. They like wealth inequality and will do everything to preserve it.

We now see with certainty that Democrats are just as beholden to these avaricious folks as Republicans.

Healthcare and student debt are major problems that must be addressed with serious structural change. But because of the perverse profit motives of business interests we get no serious movement to fix these problems on Capitol Hill.

How in the world can Democrats ever deliver on the promises they make to America’s working masses if they refuse to take on Wall Street and the wealthy bloodsuckers of America?

That must, and likely, will be Senator Sanders’ primary point in his debate with Vice-President Biden.

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