RIP Medical Debt Charity Promotes Book About America’s Crippling $1 Trillion Medical Debt Emergency


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RIP Medical Debt’s goal for 2019 is to abolish ONE BILLION DOLLARS in medical debt…
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Authors of END MEDICAL DEBT book are donating all royalties toward paying off medical debt for individuals throughout America…

The amazing charity, RIP Medical Debt, has quietly worked over its 4+ years in existence to accept public donations with which to go to the debt market to purchase now over $700,000,000 (a half-billion!) in unpaid and unpayable medical debt only to forgive those debts.

RIP’s intention for 2019 is to abolish ONE BILLION DOLLARS in such debt. They are now going public, by way of a book entitled End Medical Debt, to equip every one of its readers with the education and tools they need to end medical debt once and for all.

Personal medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. This is the real national emergency. Surprise, most of us are just one illness, one accident, even on government shutdown away from medical debt.

In our fervent public debates about the broken U.S. healthcare system, we have overlooked the devastating impacts of America’s urgent medical debt crisis. The time has come to bring medical debt into the center of our national conversation about healthcare.

End Medical Debt is the first book to bypass political posturing to look clearly and realistically at actual causes and possible cures for more than $1 trillion in unpayable medical debt in America. Medical debt causes hardships for individuals, families, communities, and the entire nation.

Voicing decades of experience in debt collections, debt buying and healthcare management, the authors of End Medical Debt bring deep expertise to the problem of medical debt. Jerry Ashton has more than 40 years of experience in the credit and collections industry. Robert Goff retired from 40 years in healthcare administration management. Craig Antico has 30 years in collections, debt buying, outsourcing, and consulting.

Drawing on their industry knowledge, the authors lay bare the inner workings of our healthcare system. They show how it produces medical bills that people cannot ever pay, including insured middle-class people who think they are covered. They tell how the early hospitals that focused on patient health evolved into today’s healthcare conglomerates focused on patient revenues. They tell how early mutual benevolent societies evolved into today’s vast insurance empires. They dissect the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) to show where theory and reality do not match. They expose how veterans get burdened with medical debt that effectively tells them, “No thank you for your service.”

End Medical Debt features practical tips for dealing with your personal medical debt.

Voicing the authors’ diverse progressive, moderate and conservative viewpoints, End Medical Debt offers pragmatic insights on such diverse solutions as promoting healthier behaviors to reduce costs and debt, imposing price controls on drugs and care services, reforming health insurance, making Medicaid an opt-out program for all who qualify, fixing the ACA, adding a Medicare Option to the ACA for people over age 50, or enacting “Medicare for All” single-payer universal healthcare. The book concludes with the idea of an American Medical Debt Commission that reports to Congress annually about the national medical debt crisis.

The authors disagree on the solutions, but they all agree on their one simple act of charity — buying and forgiving medical debt. Debt forgiveness is necessary but not sufficient. At best it’s an interim solution for medical debt until we can agree on a better financial structure for the broken U.S. healthcare system. End Medical Debt is a major step in that direction.

“End Medical Debt is exactly what we need to jumpstart a national discussion about our current dysfunctional for-profit health care system, and what to do about it, so patients like me don’t have to experience the financial and personal hardships caused by medical debt. We are a forgotten, disposable, invisible universe of people. There are millions of us. This book explains with passion and honesty the nightmare of medical debt” — Joel R. Segal,Former senior legislative assistant, U.S. Congress, 2000-2019, Co-author, HR 676: “Expanded and Improved Medicare For All.”

As a show of dedication to the cause, the authors are donating all royalties from END MEDICAL DEBT book toward paying off medical debt for individuals throughout the country. The sale of one book, they say, will eliminate $500 in medical debt.

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