Peggy Noonan, Crazy-writing Wall Street Journal Columnist, Really Hates Obama

Of Gingrich and Obama she writes: "Then hire him. Obama is a devoted husband and incompetent. Let it go!"

[Black Star News Editorial]

Peggy Noonan, the crazy-writing Wall Street Journal columnist who once compared President Barack Obama to Joseph Stalin in one of her pieces is back at it again in a new article in this weekend’s edition, “The Comeback Kid of 2012” designed to rehabilitate Newt Gingrich.

Maybe it’s because the columnist, Peggy Noonan, knows that the president, even with all the challenges the country faces, is not as bad as she wants him to be, so she’s compelled to rely on personal attacks. That’s been the theme of most of her recent articles dealing with Obama.

Before apologizing for the heavy baggage-carrying Gingrich,  whose political fortune, and poll ratings, have elevated recently, Noonan launched her characteristically hate-filled diatribe against Obama.

While there are many legitimate grounds on which to take the president to task, Noonan’s personal distaste is always overboard. Could it be explained by racist animus?

The Black Star News has detailed its own serious disagreements with the President on policy issues and denounced the deadly and criminal Libya war-for-regime change. Yet, unlike The Journal’s Noonan, we never launch personal hateful attacks.

Noonan claims the president’s Gallup poll rating of 43% is a sign that the public is punishing him for the inability of the Super-committee to come up with significant cuts to the national deficit. The public also blamed him for the acrimonious debt-ceiling debate earlier this year, Noonan claims.  “The president was once hired as an idealist,” Noonan writes. “He was hired to be an idealist! His ignorant shrewdness, his small-time cleverness–it just won’t do. It’s why people want to fire him.”

Beyond the obvious fact that Noonan clearly hates the fact that Obama is indeed a very intelligent Black man — probably many times smarter than Noonan herself– the columnist lives in her own little universe.

The president’s current poll number, considering unemployment had nearly reached 10% before dipping dramatically to 8.6% recently, is actually relatively decent. Of course, in Noonan’s private universe –and her Wall Street Journal column’s world– she can write any fantasy she wants.

Poll numbers for Congressional lawmakers hover in the low teens. Since Republican lawmakers drew the line on the sand and refused to enact any measures to help create new jobs, it’s more credible that they are the ones who will be punished by voters for the Washington paralyses. 

Noonan then briefly describes Gingrich’s own challenges: his penchant to overestimate his own stature as when he compares himself to Lincoln and Churchill; his claim that he was only acting as a “historian” and not lobbyist when he was paid millions of dollars to actually lobby; and his past adultery and multiple marriages, even though Noonan doesn’t detail them and instead writes about “what is known as the baggage problem.”

These Gingrich problems, according to his advisors, were all in the past, Noonan writes, before launching a final salvo of personal attacks against Obama.

“People feel America’s problems are so huge, so scarifying and urgent, that personal judgments feel like an indulgence,” Noonan writes.

She then pens what she imagines are words that capture the thoughts of most Americans, but are clearly her own thoughts, to show the contrast between Gingrich and Obama: “Can he help turn things around? Then hire him. Obama is a devoted husband and incompetent. Let it go!”

Talk about abusing space in a major newspaper for launching a personal attack that has nothing to do with legitimate journalism.

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