3 Formerly Incarcerated Men Launch Black-Owned Ready-To-Eat Meal Prep Company

By BlackBusiness.com

Photos: BlackBusiness.com\MacroBites

Dave Lewis, Jarrette Atkins, and Fritz Georges, the founders off MacroBites, have made history after launching what is the first national Black-owned ready-to-eat meal service company. All three men were formally incarcerated, but are now successful entrepreneurs as their Asbury Park, New Jersey-based company paves the way in the industry of nutritious cuisine.

When Lewis, who spent his twenties in prison, was released in 2013, he was determined to make positive changes, not just for himself but for his community. Teaming up with Atkins and Georges, who also have their own stories of redemption, the trio launched MacroBites in 2019.

“Trying and failing a few times when I was younger left me in a dark place,” said Lewis during an interview with ABC 7. “But finally understanding there was another way to succeed really pushed me forward.”

Food and health were always passions for Atkins and Lewis, even during their time behind bars, where they took culinary classes that sparked their interest in nutritious cooking.

Based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, MacroBites serves hundreds of customers daily with affordable options like $11 burgers, $10 shrimp platters, and $13 vegan tacos. They also provide free meals to the homeless through partnerships with local organizations. The company has expanded to include a dine-in restaurant and catering services. READ MORE...

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