NBA Playoffs: MVP, On To The Next Round & More


Congratulations are in order for league MVP Steph Curry!  He and fellow Golden State teammates remain in hot pursuit of a championship trophy to complement his hardware.  Something tells me the feisty Memphis Grizzlies will have more than a lot to say about that!

So LA’s Clippers did send the defending champs, San Antonio Spurs home, but not until after a thrilling Game 7 took place.  This next round won’t be any easier as they face James Harden…aka the guy and beard who got my MVP vote…and a talented Houston Rockets squad!

Our hometown Wizards have seen something in this round that was unheard of in the first—a loss!  Atlanta’s Hawks are set on proving their regular season success does in fact, translate to the playoffs…this matchup has DC area residents glued to our collective seats!

If what we’ve seen thus far is any indication….a stage is being set for an electrifying Game 7 between the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers.  Aside from anxiety, NBA fans couldn’t be happier!

The Washington Capitals are doing their part to keep the grounds crew at Verizon Center…their shared home with the Wizards….busy flipping from ice to hardwood back to ice as they go deeper into the NHL’s next round….

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the bout billed as “The Fight Of The Century” turned out to be much ado about not so much!  So we had hype….followed by years and years of waiting…hype again….and then finally, the type of anticipation that would put the ketchup commercial from decades ago to shame!  It isn’t so bad…particularly for Mayweather fans…that Floyd remained champion…it just seems as though something between the first and last bells was missing! 

Sure, I wanted Pac to win…but he needed to want it more than I did.  As a judge, I’d want to see clear cut domination of a champion or else I’d rule in the champ’s favor just as the judges did at the MGM Grand Hotel May 2nd.  Truth be told, after all of this time, the only satisfying outcome would have been a tko….and if they could’ve managed to knock each other out at the same time, reminiscent of the Saturday morning cartoons…they would have earned the right to proclaim their duel as the fight of the century!

A wave of disapproval set in as viewers felt let down by the night’s events.  It doesn’t really matter though….we all know there will be a rematch AND we all know we will watch!!

In what seemed like years but was really months, the NFL has ruled in DeflateGate!  Turns out a few were cited….qb Tom Brady included…as having had knowledge of the deflated AFC Championship footballs.   No need to cue Gomer Pyle…surprise, surprise, surprise….was felt by absolutely no one.  In a just world, Brady will be suspended no more than four games & fined the amount of his Super Bowl winnings! 

Stripping the team of its Super Bowl title seems a bit over the top…besides, the Seahawks team may deserve it, but Head Coach Pete Carroll should still be sitting in the corner behind the final score!!  There’s been no mention of possible punishment for Patriots Coach Bill Belichick.  In the spirit of New Orleans Head Coach Sean Payton’s severe punishment for Bountygate…one good turn deserves another.  A full year is a bit harsh….a few games is much more appropriate.  However, if Belichick is allowed to dodge punishment…. Commissioner Roger Goodell should immediately stop wondering why he is sometimes viewed as a one man NCAA—lopsided, nonsensical, rulings applied with as much thought as a contestant in a 5 minute grocery store shopping spree!  Did you really need all those lemons??  Just sayin…

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