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Sanders’ policies like Medicare for All are supported by a vast majority of the population. People seem to be voting for Biden because they think he’s a safer bet.
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Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign isn’t about him. It’s about what kind of country we want for the majority of Americans–not just what is best for the wealthy and their manipulative media.

By Rebecca Yeong Ae Corey

I just donated to Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

I read a quote a while back that said something like “Don’t forget that electoral politics alone is not the answer to all our problems nor is it enough to bring about the changes we want to see. Who wins elections is important insofar as it helps set the base conditions under which we organize.”

I really liked what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in her live feed–that we are not electing saviors, we’re electing partners that we can hold accountable, who are working with and for us. When I feel disappointed and upset about political and social conditions, like I did this morning, I try to remind myself that this never is and never was going to be easy.

Sanders has been playing the long game for pretty much his entire life, I think in part because he fundamentally understands that the work never ends.

Every advance we make, whether it’s the Civil Rights movement or the Civil War, a study of history shows us that reactionary forces will immediately begin to fight back to restore their power and influence. Win or lose this election, the fight to save the planet, restore humanity to our economic system, battle patriarchy and racism, and other ills, will and must continue. It may be harder than it had to be, and it may demand more of us, depending on the outcome of this primary, but the basic facts stay the same. Also, I’ve tried to think hard about not playing the “victim of the system” card.

Why has Sanders lost some of these primaries? Yes, I do think corporate media and billionaire money in politics has something to do with it, but I also think that some voters just don’t trust him. One of the reasons for that may be that yes, he is proposing ideas that are “radical” in the sense that many people will not have seen anything like it in their lifetimes, and that’s a bit scary.

There would definitely be turbulence if he were to be elected, in markets and in politics. Would it be worth it? Voters under 49 are basically saying yes, we’re willing to take the risk.

This is a big bet and there’s a lot to be won, but also to be lost as well. Survival instincts look different to different people — fight, flight, or freeze. We can fight each other for scraps or for major transformation that benefits everyone; we can run away and hide in pockets of privilege; or we can try to freeze time and “go back” to a time when everything seemed simpler or easier.

If there were ever a time to fight, now is it.

Bernie has definitely helped shine a bright light on many areas that were hidden in darkness for too long. He’s also shown us that alternatives are possible. I’m incredibly grateful for that.

Finally, this thing isn’t over yet. Polls are showing that Sanders’ policies like Medicare for All are supported by a vast majority of the population. People seem to be voting for Biden because they think he’s a safer bet. But there’s still time to try to convince people otherwise.

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