From KATRINA to FERGUSON: America’s Message to Black People



Citywide Discussion August 28

From Katrina to Ferguson What is America’s Message to Black People?

WHAT: Citywide Discussion on “Lessons Learned and Which Way Forward”?

WHEN: Friday, August 28, 2015 – Doors Open at 6 PM

WHERE: Sistas
Place – 456 Nostrand Avenue [corner of Jefferson Ave], Brooklyn NY

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina roared through the Gulf coast from Florida to Texas. The massive Mississippi River breached the levees surrounding the city of New Orleans area, flooding the bowl shaped metropolis. The predominantly Black city was devastated. Over 1800 people perished and tens of thousands lost their homes.

The United States government, refering to them as “refugees” instead of “Americans,” did nothing to alleviate the dying and suffering population for months.

Today the unrelenting police assault and murder of Black people have fueled a nation-wide demand for justice which has fallen on deaf ears.

What is America’s message to Black people? What is our answer? The Plebiscite.

Sponsored by the December 12th Movement.

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