Dr. Kiyingi, Ugandan Expatriate Cardiologist Denies Links to Muslims’ Killing Spree


Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi

Australia-based cardiologist, Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi, from Uganda, said he has not involved in or sponsoring the numerous murders of Muslim clerics in the East African country.

Scores of Muslim leaders have been mysteriously murdered over the last several months.

Dr. Kiyingi’s denial follows allegations by the Uganda-regime that he is sponsoring the assassinations of Muslim clerics and that he also backs a rebel group the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

I absolutely have no idea about the allegations leveled against me,” he said in a telephone interview. He added, “The sate has a secret mission against the innocent people, including the Muslim leaders in Uganda.”

Dr. Kiyingi, a consultant cardiologist, who says he will run for president in next years presidential election in Uganda, said, “The state has some secret motives against the Muslim community in Uganda. I have no reason to kill the Muslims, read my full statement over this issue.”

Hey says the killings have the finger-prints of Gen. Yoweri Museveni, the country’s ruler. He was referring to Museveni’s previous record of atrocities in: Luwero Triangle, North and Eastern Uganda, DR Congo and South Sudan where his Museveni’s army has been implicated in numerous atrocities and crimes against humanity.

He said that the Museveni-regime uses the old tactics to smear his good name, because the regime has lost legitimacy and relies on harassing innocent people.

Several Muslim clerics have been murdered under unclear circumstance and the state has not taken keen interest in investigating and prosecuting the perpetrators. It was after the Muslim leaders demanded a response from the country’s police chief, Gen. Kale Kayihura that he claimed the clerics were being murdered because they refused to cooperate with the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF); the Ugandan rebel group is based in the eastern DR Congo.

Since 2012, seven clerics have been assassinated in mysterious fashion and the police had not solved any of the killings or released finding of the investigations. “It is strange they continue to drag my good name into their on-going murders against the clerics,” he said.

Recent victims murdered in a similar fashion include: Sheikh Mustafah Bahinga who was a Kampala district Emir of the Jamu-ii-yyat Dawah Al- Salafiyyat was gunned down about December 29, 2014, at Bwebajja about 16km, Entebbe Road- South of Kampala.

A leader of the Shia Muslim Community sect, Shiekh Abdul Kadir Muwaya was killed around December 25, 2014, in an eastern Ugandan district of Mayuge. He was shot dead at his home.

Other prominent Muslims are: Hajji Abu-Baker Abbas Kiwewa assassinated June 2012, Sheikh Yunus Abu-Baker Mudungu assassinated in August 2012, Sheikh Muhammad Maganda assassinated August 2012, in Bugiri Eastern Uganda, Sheikh Abdul Jowal Sentunga (Bugir), assassinated in September 2012; Sheikh Abdul Karim Sentamu of Jamaat Da’awah Salafiyyah, was assassinated in April 2012. Sheikh Abdul Hakim Sekimpi was. Apart from Sheikh Sekimpi who was poisoned ‘agents’ riding on Boda-bodas assassinated the rest.

Separately, in a statement  Dr. Kiyingi said ““I have never ordered the killing of any Muslim cleric in Uganda or anyone for that matter.””

““I have never financed any killings of any Muslim cleric. I have no dealings with the ADF,” said Dr Kiyingi, adding that: “I have never formed or been associated with the alleged Federal Allience rebel group,” the statement reads.

The cardiologist says the Museveni regime has been on a campaign to smear him since it became known that he planned to run for president.

The allegations are just fabrications — any attempt to make a link is just the usual artwork of Museveni,” said Dr. Kiyingi who previously encountered such experience.

In 2005, the state accused Dr. Kiyingi of masterminding the murder of his own wife, Robinah Kayaga Kiyingi.

Robinah Kiyingi, a lawyer who had been commissioned by Transparency International to carry-out corruption investigations among some high-profile officials in the government was assassinated in a similar fashion as the above sheikhs.

In Robinah Kiyingi’s case only a laptop computer was taken after her killing; it was later discovered that there was no information on the computer.

Museveni’’s government alleged that Dr. Kiyingi who was then in Sydney, Australia, hired Charles Berwanaho, Bob Mugisha and key suspect private John Atwine, who is alleged to have shot and killed Robinah Kiyingi.

Like many previous “suspects” in high profile cases, Atwine was mysteriously poisoned and died while under state custody in Luzira prison.

The chief investigator into the murder of Dr. Kiyingi’s wife was also assassinated and one Lt. Caesar Enya, who was attached to the Military police, was found dead in his home with 3-gun shot wounds.

Dr. Kiyingi was acquitted of Robinah Kiyingi’s murder.


Dr. Kiyingi’s Full Statement:

Over the last few weeks, a number of serious allegations and pronouncements have been made by the Uganda government against my good name and a number of innocent civilians have been arrested and charged with alleged crimes. As an initial response to these malicious and false allegations I would like to state as follows:

1. I have never ordered the killing of any Muslim cleric in Uganda or of anyone for that matter.

2. I have never financed any killings of any Muslim cleric in Uganda.

3. I have no dealings with the ADF and I have never financed the ADF.

4. I have never formed or been associated with the alleged Federal Alliance rebel group.

5. I have never been involved in any terrorist activities.

6. It is now common knowledge, and I would like to confirm, that I intend to stand against Mr Museveni in the 2016 presidential elections. To this end, my team of brave and vigilant supporters have been traversing the country in a pre-marketing campaign as a prelude to my coming back to Uganda to register and launch my political platform officially. They have been doing this by word-of-mouth and by distribution of my political cards. They have not broken any law. However, the government has harassed many of my supporters, made arbitrary arrests, many have been beaten severely and a number have actually died. The government has now come up with the ridiculous accusations of murder and terrorism to be linked to my name in the hope that this will threaten the population and prevent them from supporting me to oust Mr Museveni, come 2016.

7. My pre-marketing campaign has been under the umbrella of the “Uganda Federal Democratic Organization” as the proposed political platform. This platform is not a rebel group. This is a political platform and has no links whatsoever to the alleged Federal Alliance rebel group quoted by the government.

8. According to my original schedule, I would have come to Uganda this month, February 2015 or next month March 2015, to officially launch my political platform. Hence the scramble and panic for the government to launch a pre-emptive attack in a bid to try to stop me from launching my political platform. However, I would like to assure all Ugandans that I am not threatened or scared by the government’s machinations and I am prepared at all costs to lead the people of Uganda to freedom so that they can regain their dignity and their country.

Finally, I would like to convey my condolences to all the people that have lost their loved ones. In the end, and hopefully this will be soon, the perpetrators of these heinous crimes will have to answer for these atrocities.

God bless you all.

Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi


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