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Amabel’s Words Of Wisdom: “Your reality today is a sum of all the choices you have made in the past. If you don’t like that reality, start making better choices today.â€?


Where She’s From: African Vibes magazine publisher and chief editor Amabel Niba was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa.

“The way I think today and many of my ambitions are mostly a result of the many lessons my parents instilled directly or indirectly,� she tells The Black Star News. “The most important lesson I ever learnt from my father, who is a Doctor in Engineering, was to never take things for granted. He made sure we did not grow up thinking that the lifestyle and conveniences he had earned were ours for the taking. He emphasized our need to plan for our own futures. My mother, who studied Psychology and worked for years in the Education system in Cameroon emphasized tolerance and forgiveness.�

Amabel earned her Bachelors degree in Business Information Systems at Devry, Long Beach California and an MBA at Keller Graduate School in Long Beach, California. She worked as a Senior Software Systems Analyst for Countrywide before she started a second career with her magazine launching.

Where She’s At: “I see the African Vibes Magazine becoming the premiere magazine across Nation’s that puts a positive spin on Africa and Africans or should I say adds cool to Africa,â€? she says. “It is a void that needs filling and I believe we will make a huge impact worldwide with this magazine. African Vibes Communications, Inc has a lot of other projects that are coming up that will further bring attention to Africa in a way that has never been done before.â€?

Although she had run a business she co-founded with her husband, Amabel concedes that launching a magazine has been incredibly challenging but her faith in the end product, and a healthy sense of humor, has kept her going. In the meantime, she’s learned everything from design to setting up the company, to working on growing it.

“I’m constantly reminding myself that if it were not challenging, it means I was not growing,� she explains. “I believe that with every challenge I overcome, I get even closer to seeing my vision come true. Besides, what fun stories will I tell Oprah when I go to her show? And yes, I believe I will be on Oprah someday-sooner than later.�

The attractive young publisher notes that while looks in the publishing industry isn’t a liability, “Brainpower alone could still take me where I want to go.�

Where She’s Heading:
“I will feel accomplished if I make a dent in the way Africans and non Africans perceive the continent,� she adds. “Instead of war, starvation, poverty, diseases alone, they should also see opportunity and possibilities—a canvas that can be shaped to highlight the glorious beauty Africa holds. That will be the day when instead of complaining, people participate in the efforts that will create and sustain development projects in Africa.�

When the publisher gets ready to step out, how does she prepare? “I like proactive for my daily skincare, I use aromatherapy lotions from Bath and body works. I mix the different scents because I think they are all incredible. I wear very little makeup but when I do, I use M.A.C. For clothes, I love shopping at Bebe and H&M. I occasionally shop at Macy’s because they do get some New Designer clothing that I find interesting. I am not a slave to any one brand of perfume. I use different scents depending on my mood. Shoes—I love shoes. Some of my favorites are by BCBG Girls, Charles Davids and ALDO.â€?

Amabel’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Your reality today is a sum of all the choices you have made in the past. If you don’t like that reality, start making better choices today.â€?
Amabel’s Secrets Of Success: “I don’t blame anyone for my circumstances. I simply learn from what ever direction my life is headed and strive to do the things today that will take me where I want to go.â€?
Amabel’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “My most recent favorites from last year were Casino Royale, Pursuit of Happyness and Inside Man.�
Amabel’s Favorite Books: “I do enjoy all the books by Richard
Carlson, author of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff collection.â€?
The First three Things Amabel Would Do As President Of USA: “There are so many dimensions and no simplified answer will mean much but the sectors that I believe will be priority on my list will be Education, Jobs and Overall Security.�

Amabel’s Zodiac sign: “Scorpio.�
Amabel’s Favorite Cars And Why: “My taste in cars changes quite frequently. I do like the Bentley Continental GTC and other convertibles.�

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