Why We Black Folks Fear The Police

BSN reader says if everyone were as tolerant of abuse King George III wouldn’t have had a hard time. 
With respect to the article  REV. AL SHARPTON CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE MEETING WITH NEW NYPD COMMISSIONER DERMOT SHEA, uncomfortable facts are still facts and must be acknowledged. Every Black man and woman in the United States fears the police and they have for a long time. Of course there may be an exemption here or there but the big picture is perfectly clear.
How has this been effected? Well the police all over the country are following unwritten policies accepted by federal authorities specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The murders and gratuitous humiliations which we suffer are not aberrations or accidents but tactics employed to insure that fear is inculcated in the minds and hearts of the targeted group. When the courts follow a deliberate pervasive and persistent pattern of absolving local police for what are obvious crimes we should suspect that something is going on about which we aren’t informed.
This brutal strategy for social control is quite obvious for people outside the country to see and understand. On the other hand the victims tend to suffer from cognitive dissonance when the subject is discussed because they insist on believing in the righteousness and basic goodness of their tormentors despite all the evidence to the contrary. With all the owe, both economic and military, that the United States has it would be natural not to want to think that the government itself is our enemy. So we go along to try to get along but those in power know that we can’t be kept in line with words but must be controlled viciously so that we don’t dare to question or rebel like they did when king George III became unbearable in the 18th century.

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