Why Did Atlanta Cop Kill Johnny Hollman? Family Still Seeking Answers.

Photos: YouTube Screenshots

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – If the Hollman family was looking for answers about what happened to Johnny Hollman, the answers they found only upset them and raised more questions.


The 62-year-old died Aug. 10 during an incident with an Atlanta police officer. Hollman was involved in a traffic accident near Cunningham Place and Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard just before 11:30 p.m. that night. The officer tried to issue Hollman a traffic citation, but Hollman resisted. The officer then tried to arrest Hollman, shooting him with a Taser and putting him in handcuffs before noticing he had become unresponsive.

The death sparked protests across Atlanta, including a march to City Hall on Aug. 24.

Members of Hollman’s family and their attorneys were shown the body camera footage from the incident Friday afternoon.

Numerous family members could seen crying upon exiting City Hall, emotions that only seemed to grow as lawyers explained what they saw on the body cam footage.

Attorney Mawuli Davis said Hollman disagreed with the at-fault traffic citation he was receiving and requested a police sergeant present to contest it. When Hollman refused to sign that citation, Davis says the officer attempted to arrest Hollman, instigating the event that led to Hollman’s death.


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