Was Barack Obama The First African American President? Critique of Ta-Nehisi Coates

Attorney Antonio Moore and Political Analyst Yvette Carnell discuss the legacy of President Barack Obama. In the hour long video they analyze the overall effect of the Obama Presidency on Black America, and whether he was truly the first African American President. The above video discussion looks both to President Obama’s origins from East Africa- Kenya, to his ancestral lineage from his mother’s side of the family tree. Carnell and Moore delve into the data on the Obama years, from looking at Obama in context of the transatlantic slave trade, to reviewing the contextual meaning of Barack Obama inheriting $480,908 worth of Bank of Hawaii stock from his white maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who was a vice president of the bank. This type of wealth transfer in stock is one that rarely occurs in black American homes due to a legacy of black oppression, to give context less than around fifty thousand or about less than half a percent of all African American families have $500,000 in stock in their possession.

In addition the discussion looks at President Obama’s legislative body of work, and whether enough was done for Black America as he leaves office.
Lastly they also critique Ta-Nehisi Coates piece “My President Was Black” on President Obama from the Atlantic magazine. Analyzing the piece’s approach to evaluating President Obama, and his impact on Black America.