Can we put the Love back in Black Marriage without black wealth? Part 2 (VIDEO)

“Can we put the LoVe back in Black Marriage without black wealth?” Part 2 9/28/18 Guest Zo Williams & Yvette Carnell Tonetalks Dash Radio Attorney Antonio Moore and Relationship expert Zo Williams do a follow up to their show last week on the state of Black Marriage in America.

1) Where will Black Marriage without Black Wealth? Can these Cosbyesque marriages built on aspirational wealth survive?

2) Why is the divorce rate for black women 70% in their first marriages, and only 47% for white women?

3) Are relationships of convenience real marriage? Im here to split bills cut cost and avoid the consequence of my legacy?

4) Did millennial blacks learn how to love from their boomer blacks, or just how to love their dreams? If the latter what is the consequence?

5) If black wealth goes to zero in the coming decades as predicted in the recent prosperity now study, can black marriage survive?

6) As the shadow of Mass incarceration looms are our women in love with Broken men? If so Why?

7) Can striver single wives stay sane if black wealth shrinks and who will the blame when it does?

8) Are we prepared to love the full person we are with or just their projection? Broken Family lines, no inheritance, limited education, Blackness.