USTA, NBA & NFL: First Time For Everything


For the first time in a long time…after unbridled anticipation…I missed the opening weekend of NFL football.  Oh but for a very good reason.  When the chance came to go to the U.S. Open Finals, the opportunity was seized without hesitation!  After all, the season was essentially like a newborn…there would be plenty of time to watch it grow throughout the next few months.  The last Grand Slam of the season did not disappoint….the manicured grounds, the positive energy of the crowds—neighbors on the subway included, absolutely gorgeous weather…..all added to the overall ambience.

As a bona fide Venus Williams fan…accepting her elimination was a lot easier with an All-American lineup.  Cheers for Madison Keys & Sloane Stephens to do their absolute best rippled throughout the stands. For the first time since 2002 an American woman besides Venus or Serena Williams had their name etched in history.  Perhaps Sloane learned from her predecessors—she was nothing short of a rock star for her play on the court as well as how she handled the disappointment her close friend Madison was feeling in defeat……

For the first time in a long time Kyrie’s voice was heard…at the Celtics press conference.  Last public comments were during the Finals Championship series….soon followed by giving Cleveland’s management some news that could use….setting the airwaves and barbershops alike into overdrive. Say what you want about the hows and whys of wanting to peer at the Cavs in his rearview mirror….I respect the manner in which he handled it—specifically NOT communicating via the forty something characters platform. 

For the first time in a long time I doubted the mindset of a collective group of so-called professionals.  However, when the “analysts” at ESPN ranked Carmelo Anthony 64th amongst his colleagues….and one behind a player who isn’t officially a colleague until he actually takes part in an NBA game ….it made me seriously doubt if this think tank could pour liquid out of a boot…with both ends cut out & directions in the middle!

Back to the gridiron—because, thank goodness, it is back!! For the first time I wished I had Pete Carroll’s phone number. It was at the very moment…after several runs in the same series….Marshawn Lynch took the ball, in short yardage, and ran right into the end zone.  I sooo wanted to know if Pete saw just how easy Marshawn made it look.  It must’ve been equivalent to water running down his back tho….because for the first time in quite some time, he looked happy to be where he was.  Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if….in the midst of that smackdown the Jets were receiving…they tapped their feet, at least once, during Lynch’s sideline celebration!! 

For the first time in months I mentioned the Atlanta Falcons without a few other choice words.  There was no getting around how remarkable they looked at home in their primetime game.  As a matter of fact, the only thing blocking their shine was their home itself!  Then again…the name alone, Mercedes-Benz Stadium kinda speaks for itself.  Apparently it whispered a few sweet nothings to a friend…she is now spearheading a girls trip to ATL this season—for the sole purpose of seeing just how fan-friendly the 100 Yard Club really is!  No doubt, there’s a first time for everything!! 

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