U.S. Supports Ugandan Butcher Museveni Because He’s Seen As Bulwark Against “Islamic Terror”

Bush and Museveni

Ugandan butcher Gen. Museveni has been backed by every U.S. president. America prefers a reliable killer to democracy in Uganda. 

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In December last year, my shrieking article expressing utmost dissatisfaction of the ineffectual sanctions by the U.S government against low-ranking military officers in Uganda in lieu of high-ranking ones due to incessant human rights abuses, was published by this newspaper, Black Star News. 

Little did I know that it would attract the attention of those to whom it was targeted or if it did, I was unaware that I would receive feedback from respectable politicians from America.

A few days ago, a high-ranking U.S politician—who seemed well conversant with the Great Lakes region geopolitics—contacted me on Twitter to give feedback after reading the article which I wrote seven months ago or thereabout.

To begin with, he was concerned and furious at the same time how the junta government of Uganda led by Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has been treating me since 2020 after I published my debut Novel, “The Greedy Barbarian” and the subsequent persecution and harassment for my other literary works like “Banana Republic Where Writing is Treasonous.” He confessed how he had spent his valuable time on my Wikipedia reading about me and gasping at the pictures of my mutilated body in the different newspapers.

After we had talked for hours, he asked me what the U.S. should do to help to correct the abhorrent cataclysm in Uganda. Often times, I have a template answer for such questions of how the Western governments can help Ugandans who have been subjected to insufferable terror by Gen. Museveni who has been a U.S puppet for close to 40-years now.

I told him that the U.S. government is undoubtedly led by shameless hypocrites who loudly preach respect for the “rule of law,” “democracy” and “human rights,” then on the other hand silently support flagrant abusers of the same like Gen. Museveni and other losers who are ensconced in African leadership positions, and are masquerading around masturbating with the pursuit of transformation which has proved to be a Sisyphean task.

I brought it to this politician’s attention that there must be common values upon which the relationship between the U.S. government and African leaders is bound, and offending such sacrosanct values should automatically discontinue the relationship and the entire support with which it comes.

The Military support Gen. Museveni enjoys is misused to terrorize the Ugandan people while the financial support is used to maintain a patronage system or embezzled by regime officials and the dictator’s family. 

The U.S embassy in Kampala only stops at issuing out rhetoric statements as they continue to recognize the mad dictator just because—as became clear in the conversation with the high-ranking official—Gen. Museveni is their stooge and is deemed critical in the war against militarized religious groups.

“Assuming Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was removed from power to allow for a transition to a democratic republic of Uganda, how would the U.S. be assured that militarized religious groups would not seize power and or become a threat to the U.S?” he asked.

I was incensed to hear that the high-ranking official, who preferred anonymity, would justify the U.S government’s overflowing support to dictator Yoweri Museveni on the basis of protecting American interests. It is as though he was conceding complicity of America in terrorizing Ugandans. 

As long as dictator Museveni is being used by the U.S government to fight their wars, they will keep supporting his harrowing barbarism in Uganda and we are on our own like ducklings. He can butcher us like pigs at the full watch of the West.

In other words, Africa’s acclaimed butchers like Gen. Museveni are good in the eyes of the Western governments as long as they are pawns lumbering with the responsibility of easing interests of their white masters at the sheer disregard of the laws and integrity.

Museveni regime torture victim Kakwenza Rukirabashaija is on the Scholar on Writers in Exile Program of PEN-Zentrum Deutschland. He is the PEN 2021 Pinter International Writer of Courage Award. His profile is available on Wikipedia 

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