U.S. Intervened In Libya To “Protect” Citizens; What About African Americans From Cops?


Lynch and Holder — no prosecutions of officers who summarily execute African Americans


Re: We Can’t Sit By When Congress Turns Blind Eye To Police Brutality Epidemic

In 1876 Samuel Tilden defeated Rutherford Hayes for president of the United States. However the election was very close and a deal was made.

Tilden offered Hayes the presidency if he would withdraw union troops from the South. Without those federal troops the newly-freed slaves were literally thrown to the wolves.

During the various Roosevelt administrations Black leaders constantly pleaded with the president for federal protection against lynching but Roosevelt felt he needed Southern support for his New Deal and nothing was done.

Today with Obama in office for over six years and two consecutive Black attorneys general we still can not persuade the national government to protect the lives of Blacks. Despite the repeated inability of state courts to do justice for its citizens the president and the Justice Department has not found a single case to prosecute even with electronic video evidence showing that a crime took place.

In Kosovo and Libya the United States felt it had a responsibility to protect and it got involved. How is it that this same responsibility to protect does not extend to Blacks in the country?

When the public outrage is too much to ignore we are told that the justice department will investigate; but after every investigation we hear that a federal prosecution would not be warranted and nothing is done.

Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, Ronald Reagan and all states´rights advocates would be very pleased at the way Obama allows state courts to cover up summary executions in their jurisdiction; especially when we look at who is being victimized. This lack of action is a dereliction of duty.



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