Uganda Elections: Voters Say They Want “Peaceful” Vote

BBC's Byaruhanga

Ugandan voters shown in background with BBC correspondent Catherine Byaruhanga in foreground. Screenshot BBC.

Report By BBC correspondent Catherine Byaruhanga 

Uganda is the latest country to hold an election in the midst of a covid 19 pandemic and the authorities have said they will try to ensure that the coronavirus guidelines are followed. People are wearing face masks, their hands are sanitized as they come into this polling station but as you can see social distancing will be difficult.


What’s also caused a lot of anxiety is the fact that government has ordered for the internet to be shut down.


Thus means that voters cannot access social media and news websites to be able to get real time information. Security forces have also deployed across the city and have said that they will take over rooftops across Kampala to stop any planned violence. Some of the people that we’ve been speaking to here say others are just scared to come out and vote in this atmosphere. “We need this election in peace as we Ugandans,” an unnamed woman voter told the reporter, “We need this election to be in peace…”


A male voter echoed the same concern. “We want peace, first of all and we need this election, the electoral commission to ensure that elections just go smooth and nice.”


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