Uganda: A Vote For Dr. Besigye Is A Vote For Liberation


Besigye Power–robbed three times, writer calls on his supporters to “protect” their votes

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Next year the people of Uganda are preparing to choose their political leaders’ in the 2016 general elections.

Many including my organization, Free Uganda (FU) and I are still skeptical about the fairness of an election presided over by a biased electoral commission. We are not sure that the dictator who is so keen to hang on to power will be capable of resisting the temptation to cheat his way to state house again.

However, time has come for our people to reject Mr. Yoweri Museveni and his failed National Resistance Movement (NRM) leadership. Our job from now on is to educate the people of Uganda from grass root level to the elite that for their own benefit and the benefit of their children and the future generation of Uganda, they must reject corrupt politicians who use money to buy their votes.

Free Uganda has endorsed Dr.. Kiiza Besigye as the cleanest, most honest and corrupt free politician who can be trusted with the job of cleaning up the politics of our country. Dr. Besigye has been at the centre of the people’s struggle against the corrupt and brutal regime of the NRM.

CORRUPTION: For all Ugandans who are craving for the elimination of corruption from the politics of Uganda, Dr. Besigye is definitely your man. Thirty years of NRM corruption has deprived Uganda of social and economic development that is badly needed in all parts of our country. As those close to the centre of power are thriving is unimaginable richness, the majority of the population of Uganda including those in the NRM are living in abject poverty.

While those connected to the ruling family can afford to send their sick to hospitals in Europe, India, Kenya, the United States and South Africa, the poor citizens of our country can only watch their sick relatives die in rundown hospitals which have been neglected by the 30 years of NRM misrule.

A desperate Ugandan just watching his loved one perishing because of the lack of medical help. This is why the corrupt NRM regime must not be given another chance to further destroy our country. It is time now to mobilize our people at all levels to unite behind Dr. Besigye, the only candidate who will be capable of eliminating corruption in Uganda. Dr. Besigye has been a victim of corruption as every Ugandan know. Dr. Besigye was cheated out of a general election he clearly won so he understands the brutality of corruption.

Thirty years of NRM has not built hospitals for our citizens but has managed to rundown almost all the hospitals which were built by Dr.. Milton Obote. Situations similar to that illustrated in the above picture must not be allowed to happen in present day Uganda. A vote for Dr. Besigye will guarantee that our hospitals will be well looked after. He is a caring medical doctor so he understands what needs to be done.

So my people of Wabigwo, Kisaaba, Namatogonya, Bubajjwe, Kaazi, Kayuunga, Ntenjeru, Busaana, Kiwaangula, Busaale, Namagabi, Nakaliro, Bukolooto, Ndeeba, Ssukka, Nsotoka, Mataba, Kiteredde and Nazigo, time has come to free yourselves. This time you’re going to be the heroes. It is time to grab back your democratic rights. When you vote for Dr. Besigye, no one will ever stand before you and accuse you of having not participated in the liberation of your freedom and democracy.

POLICE BRUTALITY: Almost every freedom loving Ugandan has been a victim of the Uganda Police brutality. At the center of suffering at the hands of Gen. Kale Kayihura’s police force has been non- other than Dr. Kiiza Besigye. He is the only candidate who knows how you feel. He has been in the trenches together with you who are craving for change.

With Besigye in State House, you will never see teargas on the streets of your country. Besigye will protect you from police brutality and police corruption.

So my people of Kibuli, Muyenga, Kabalagala, Nsambya, Kansaanga, Gaba,Makindye, Bwaise, Kawempe, Kanyanya and the entire city of Kampala, Dr.. Besigye is my recommendation to you if you are to achieve the liberty you deserve.

A vote for Dr. Besigye is a vote against such police brutality. He has been with you in the Walk-to-Work campaigns during which you the voters and he your presidential candidate have been brutalized by the Uganda police. This is the time for you the voters to reclaim your democratic freedoms and the only way to do this is by voting for Dr. Besigye as your next president.

EDUCATION: If you care about the future of our children and their teachers’ you must vote for change. The NRM government of Mr. Museveni has neglected our children’s future by hoodwinking them with a system of education for all that does not offer any meaningful education to them. Millions of children from the majority peasant parents who cannot afford private education study in structures that are not fit for the purpose. Time has come for the people of Uganda to think about our country’s future and refrain from thinking about their stomachs only. The NRM will not change its attitude towards our schools. 

This is why all of you who care for our teachers, and our children must vote for change. A vote for Besigye is the vote that will liberate our country from such uncaring negligence demonstrated by Mr.. Museveni and his NRM government that has been in power for the past 30 years. Can you imagine a child learning anything in such a classroom? No desks? How do they take notes?

This is not ‘BONNA BASOME’ it is ‘BONNA BASIRUWALE’. My people, stop complaining about the bad government of Mr.. Museveni. You have the power to change for the better. All you have to do is to protect your vote. Do not sell your vote to those corrupt NRM politicians who use your tax money to buy your vote. Your country will be far better governed by Dr..  Besigye. We in Free Uganda trust that he will do a good job.

I call upon my friends in Metu, Moyo, Yumbe, Lira, Loro, Arua, Maracha, Zirobwe, Luweero, Wakataayi, Mpaangati, Bugalama, Bulabakulu, Naambi and the rest of the country to vote for Dr.. Besigye.

I urge all my colleagues both in Uganda and those outside the country to amplify the importance of the Vote for change – a vote of liberation – a vote for Dr. Besigye.

The chairman of Free Uganda Gen. David Sejusa spoke eloquently about what next year’s elections mean for the liberation of our country’s democracy. He reminded people that despite being in power for 30 years, the NRM government has failed to build a single factory even for producing needles.

It is time to vote for change. It is time to vote for Dr. Besigye.

MAJOR Twaha M. Mukiibi

External Coordinator, FREE UGANDA

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