Trump Has Been Indicted. Here’s What We Do Now…

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This is a critical moment of accountability for our democracy.
It sends the message that election interference will not be tolerated — even when it comes from the highest office in the land. But indicting the former president won’t stop the election denier movement he spawned. Our freedom to vote is still on the line.
The legacy of January 6 is larger than just one day or just one elected official. Multiple investigations have identified how the Big Lie inspired a wave of anti-voter legislation in states across the country.
There is a dire need to fix the weaknesses in our electoral systems.
Thankfully, members of Congress have reintroduced the Freedom to Vote Act, the sweeping set of reforms that came within an inch of passage last year. It couldn’t be more vital.
The Freedom to Vote Act would establish baseline national standards that protect the ballot and fortify our elections against sabotage. It would ban partisan gerrymandering and counter big money in politics, and it would protect voters of color.
The polling is clear: the American people support it, and they expect action.
You may feel discouraged by the onslaught of attacks on our rights and freedoms over the last year, but know that history is on our side and this is no time to stand down.
Meaningful voting rights legislation failed in 1957, 1960, and 1964 before the Voting Rights Act finally crossed the finish line in 1965.
With enough determination from Americans like you, the Freedom to Vote Act will become law. Let Congress know that protecting the freedom to vote must be a priority. Send your message now:
Thank you for taking a stand,
The Brennan Center for Justice

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