Touro Lecture: Delivering Services in an Increasingly Racially and Ethnically Mixed America


Students from the Touro College Graduate School of Social Work convened recently for the school’s biannual “Community Day,” titled “Delivering Services in an Increasingly Racially and Ethnically Mixed America.”

Community Day brings together students and faculty to discuss trends and engage with experts in the field.  Keynote speaker Dr. Larry Davis, a distinguished scholar and dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh noted the challenges facing social workers today, including growing inequality, less meaningful contact among racial groups, persistent poverty, and a nation that is becoming less healthy.

A highlight of the program was a discussion among two Master of Social Work candidates and an alum – one Jewish, one African-American, and one Latina – about the development of their close friendships despite some of the obstacles noted by Dr. Davis.

Pictured, left to right, are Community Day participants Dr. Robert Schachter, executive director of the National Association of Social Workers-New York Chapter; Dr. Davis, who is also the Donald M. Henderson Professor and director and founder of the Center on Race and Social Problems at the University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Steven Huberman, founding dean of the Touro College Graduate School of Social Work; Professor Allison Bobick, Touro’s director of student advancement; and David Mandel, chair of the school’s professional advisory committee  and chief executive officer of OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services.

Touro College’s Graduate School of Social Work’s Master of Social Work program trains clinical social work practitioners who enliven individuals, families, and communities to meet their own needs and sustain their equilibrium, thereby enhancing their well-being. The program meets all academic requirements for both social work licenses: LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker) and LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). Alumni of the school are employed at the most prestigious community organizations throughout the metropolitan area.

Touro is a system of non-profit institutions of higher and professional education. Touro College was chartered in 1970 primarily to enrich the Jewish heritage, and to serve the larger American and global community. Approximately 19,000 students are currently enrolled in its various schools and divisions.

Touro College has branch campuses, locations and instructional sites in the New York area, as well as branch campuses and programs in Berlin, Jerusalem, Moscow, Paris and Florida. New York Medical College, Touro University California and its Nevada branch campus, as well as Touro University Worldwide and its Touro College Los Angeles division are separately accredited institutions within the Touro College and University System. For further information on Touro College, please go to:


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