Tougher Racism Sanctions Needed In Spanish Soccer Says Former Player

Photos: YouTube Screenshots

Former Cameroon and Arsenal defender Lauren has urged Spanish authorities to do more to stop racism in football, saying the current system “allows it to happen”.

Responding to the recent abuse suffered by Brazil and Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr, he told the BBC World Service that tougher measures are required.

“Supporters of Real Madrid, the Ultra Surs, Boixos Nois Barcelona, Frente Atletico Madrid, United Family Real Betis, Valencia’s Ultras Yomus, Blanquiazules Brigades Espanyol – they are all Nazis.

“They are always there at the stadium every single week since I was a kid. The Spanish authorities do nothing about them.

“They allow them to even go to the training ground to put pressure on the players and that’s why I am saying it’s the system that allows this (racism) to happen.”


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