Top Soccer Players Could Form Union To Tackle Racist Abuse, Romelu Lukaku Says

Photo: YouTube\Video Screenshot
CNN  —  Inter Milan and Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku says the world’s top soccer stars could form a union to tackle racist abuse in the sport.

Speaking exclusively to CNN, Lukaku says authorities are currently not doing enough to protect players in the wake of yet more racist abuse aimed at Vinícius Jr. during Real Madrid’s match against Valencia last month.

Lukaku, who was racially abused when Inter Milan played against Juventus in April, said he watched the situation at Valencia’s Mestalla Stadium unfold from his home and was left incredulous that these incidents continue to occur so frequently.

“I think it will start,” Lukaku told CNN’s Senior Sports Analyst Darren Lewis when asked whether players could form a union.

Lukaku says the idea would be for many of the world’s most prominent players “to come together and speak with UEFA and FIFA” directly, as well as the governing bodies for domestic leagues, about how best to tackle the ongoing “problem” of racism in the game.

“It’s really disappointing that it happens because we’re in 2023, the world is different cultures, different religions, different people of color and still we make the same mistakes all the time,” Lukaku added.


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