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Dr. Joyce Watford, an Educator and a Descendant of America’s Slaves

February 10, 2017

President Trump’s argument for his ban on selective immigration against seven Muslim countries is that the ban is for our national security and for keeping our country safe by keeping out terrorists.  If the priority is on national security and the safety of our country by keeping out immigrant terrorists from non-Christian countries, what, then, is President Trump planning to do about “Christian” terrorism which has existed in our country since its beginning?  “Christian” terrorists have occupied our country forever and even led to the founding of our country, which is evidenced by the historic terrorism waged by white “Christian” Americans against non-white Christian Americans, which actually continues to this day in the membership of Republicanism now sweeping and dominating the entire country.  What has ever been done and will be done about that kind of inside-terrorism—home grown terrorism—which threatens to destroy the very fabric of our country and continues to endanger the lives of its people?

White “Christian” terrorism is more (or as equally as much) a danger to our nation and its people as the danger of terrorism from the outside which President Trump spouts that he must keep out, in exercising his responsibility to the nation and to the Office he holds. He wants us to believe that it is imperative to keep out selective immigrants for our national security and the safety of “our” country and its people (even though the country and its people are perpetually under siege and in danger catapulted by white Christian terrorists)!

If, however, for whatever reason some of us may want to disclaim the veracity of the above declaration, all we have to do is retrace our historical footsteps and re-examine our own historic/systemic battle scars and still open wounds to know that white “Christian” terrorism existed and continues to exist today.  All we need to do to know that it continues to exact terrorism against the country and the American people is to look at the leadership in Washington right now which is also reflected around the country and which also promises to do harm to everyone who is not a member of the white, wealthy elite class, with millions and billions of dollars in the bank.  The wealthiest elite class (who also identifies as white Christians) represents the top of the “survival of the fittest” ladder, bent on solidifying its place by exploiting everyone/everything around it, at whatever cost.

When the global community says that President Trump is showing it who America and Americans are, we all should be concerned and take note that a dangerous precedence is being set that we all will be ill-prepared to defend and/or live with. It is a precedence that does not abode well; but, more importantly, it does not need to happen, yet the American people are doing too little to alter it!  This is not a laissez-faire matter (or time in history) because a steady and capable leadership at the helm of our country has been compromised and is in jeopardy.  The Titanic was a mighty ship, built to be unsinkable, but it went down! There is a lesson to heed here, and it is that there is too much at stake to sit and wait for a President, interning in the Office, without regard for reliable, traditional respect for direct, impartial supervision and oversight protocol, as he arbitrarily continues to steer the nation’s ship by trial and error.

The Constitution of the United States has provided both insight and foresight for what to do when the nation’s ship is in danger of capsizing.

How much more needs to happen before we send out the emergency SOS call for a nation in danger of capsizing from terror attacks within? What would the founding fathers do?

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