The Great Atlanta Massacre — Educators Under Attack Part II



PART II: “The Great Atlanta Massacre” (Educators Under Attack)

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Atlanta Public School System Teachers were found guilty under the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Read the facts as recorded by those involved. Click to download “20 Facts about the Great Atlanta Massacre of Black Educators” and join us for ongoing dialogue.

NCEBC wants to welcome the full village to question, understand, and support these martyrs who are standing on the basic democratic principles of equity, fairness, and justice. It is important (if not, vital) that we have this conversation to continue to dispel the myth that black children are incapable of achieving high test scores.

“We believe in accountability. We believe that data drives decision-making. We believe in research-based practices.These principles have been used for generations by high performing schools, Principals and Superintendents; especially those working and succeeding in urban communities where poverty and race are the dominant elements.This conversation is about the politics, power, economics, and restructuring of a public school system into a charter school system.”

Diana Daniels, Executive Director National Council on Educating Black Children.

Join NCEBCTalkRadio on Monday June 8 at 10AM ET for a special two part series. Click the “LISTEN LIVE” button or dial 714-242-5228 to listen or participate via phone.

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