The George Floyd Memorial Center Being Renamed by Family

George Floyd Memorial Center Changes Names and Becomes Floyd Family Center for Social Equity

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Black PR Wire) Raleigh, NC – Chief Impact Officer, Roger Floyd, George Floyd’s uncle, and Executive Director and cousin, Thomas McLaurin, spent the last few months exploring the strategic direction for what was formerly known as the George Floyd Memorial Center. They returned with a renamed 501(c)(3) organization – the Floyd Family Center for Social Equity ( – that has been rebranded in their family’s efforts to address the systemic issues that led to the taking of the life of their loved one.

Since George Floyd’s tragic death on May 25, 2020, various non-profits that included George Floyd’s name were created and it was causing some confusion in the giving community. Because honoring family comes first for Floyd and McLaurin, they respectfully agreed to adjust their organization’s name to contribute to the clarity across the country. Although the name has changed and is broader in possibilities by being all encompassing of what the North Carolina-based Floyd Family stands for, the organization’s vision and mission have not changed: To turn communities of lack into communities of opportunity, while uplifting, empowering, and positively impacting the lives of individuals in the communities served, leading to deeper understanding between members of the community, personal growth, and emotional and financial prosperity for families.

“There were several George Floyd entities out there, and our focus has always been about family and making a difference in the community,” said Floyd. “We got together to do just that impact the lives of others. We decided to focus on leading with the family name and making itbroader in scope. By making this change, we eliminate any confusion, and we can still maintain the legacy of my nephew and Thomas’ cousin, George Floyd.”

Since May 25, 2020, George Floyd’s family in his birth state of North Carolina has been organizing and doing the thoughtful groundwork to establish a physical center to honor his life and legacy – the Floyd Family Center for Social Equity (FFCSE), formerly known as the George Floyd Memorial Center. The goal of the Floyd Family Center is to continue to forge a path to deeper understanding between members of the community and to encourage personal growth, healing, and emotional and financial prosperity for families.

“This time of reflection and re-calibrating allowed us to revise the scope on an even greater plane in an effort to give back to the community as the Floyd Family,” said McLaurin. “While we’ll still focus on honoring George Floyd and delivering against our core pillars: education, health, wealth, arts and scholarship, we’ll now be doing it under the family umbrella, something each and every Floyd family member can be proud of.”

Nearly three years ago, the family made a conscious decision not to become bitter victims, but rather to use the momentum of the global outcry and outrage over George Floyd’s death to become a vessel of change and lead communities from perpetual trauma to transformation according to Floyd. Several of its efforts since its inception like the Day of Enlightenment, will remain, but additional programs benefiting the community will come to fruition as well, like Feeding the Spirit Food Pantry in early 2023.

To learn more about the Floyd Family Center for Social Equity, visit There you can also make inquiries on how to get involved, how to become a sponsor, and howto donate.

About the Floyd Family Center for Social Equity
The mission of the Floyd Family Center for Social Equity is to generate 21st century job opportunities by promoting quality education (primary and secondary), pursuing justice within the legal system, and encouraging political engagement, resulting in healthy, socially inclusive, and thriving communities through its programming. Visit for more information.

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