Splashing Parts of Your World: Disney finds new Ariel in singer-actress Halle Bailey

New Ariel Found: Disney finds its Mermaid Princess for live-action remake

Taking us back under the sea with a live-action adaptation, Disney has found its new Ariel in singer-actress Halle Bailey. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the decision, made July 3rd, was released to the public early Wednesday morning. 

Bailey, part of her R&B duo Chloe X Halle with her sister, Chloe, scooped the role of the live-action remake and is due to play Ariel, rebellious daughter of King Triton who wishes to be human. The film has talents such as Melissa McCarthy, Jacob Tremblay, and Awkwafina in the works to lend their voices for CG and other live-action pieces. 

Rob Marshall will direct after successfully helming the Mary Poppins sequel, Marry Poppins Returns.

“After an extensive search, it was clear Halle possessed the rare combination of spirit, heart, youth, innocence and substance – plus a glorious voice – all qualities necessary to play the role,” comments Marshall. 

Production will begin in early 2020. 

While this is great news on one forefront, many fans of the 1989 original were not exactly happy with the fairytale receiving a Black Little Mermaid. Outrage has reached the likes of Twitter with Michaeal Harriot of The Root commenting on the #NotMyAriel dilemma from White Twitter.

“This display of fragility was expected because, in a country and system where white is a default, rewarding anyone not fitting the traditional idea of “normal” is perceived as an insult…” he writes. 

“In their minds, Disney didn’t make a business decision based on talent, ability, and the fact Bailey can bring an established fan base to the box office. The whites automatically assumed the studio chose a black actress for political correctness, pandering, and the dreaded idea of diversity“. 

Harriot continues to point out other factors of how the industry can have selectiveness in their choice for roles that are white washed, but ends on a positive thought stating:

“Finally, they’ll have some seasoning”. 

For his full article, click the link here: https://bit.ly/2XnZsui

What are your thoughts on the studio’s choice? Comment below. 


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