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Filmmaker Spike Lee partied like it was “1999” Thursday  night in honor of legendary recording artist, Prince.

The event, dubbed “PRINCE We Love You Shockadelica Joint”, flocked fans from every borough of New York City. Many wore purple, as requested by Lee, to commemorate Prince’s trademark color from the Purple Rain film.

“Okay, you all know why we’re here,” the director told the packed crowd as he made his grand appearance.

The party took place outside the office of his production company on South Elliott Place.

Many people even brought their young children to the event.

“I was on my home and saw the satellite vans and knew something big was happening,” one woman said while dancing with her 7-year-old daughter. “I wanted her to experience this.”

People from all walks of life, all colors and background, danced and sang and even wept the night away to DJ Period’s turntable homage of Prince’s greatest hits.

Prince sadly died Thursday inside his Chanhassen, Minnesota recording studio. He was 57.

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