South Sudan: SPLA-In Opposition Rejects Kiir’s “Dialogue” Already Denounced In UN Report

2017-05-24 01

Even though report of special panel to UN Security Council dismissed his sham “dialogue” and pinned crimes on Kiir and his former chief of staff Malong, South Sudan’s illegitimate president still “launched” process.

May 22, 2017


In reference to the above subject and the regime’s constant opposition to the peace process, the leadership of the SPLM/SPLA (In Opposition) makes the following statement:


The SPLM/SPLA(IO) categorically condemn the One-sided National Dialogue being imposed by President Salva Kiir and his allies. This is yet another campaign by the regime in Juba to derail the peace process beyond salvation and in this regard:

The SPLM/SPLA(IO) calls on the people of South Sudan to remain vigilant, the so called National Dialogue of President Salva Kiir is only intended to portray the SPLM/SPLA(IO) as the obstacle to peace, it serves no other practical purpose than to score cheap political points;

If President Salva Kiir and his allies are honest and the intention is to achieve national healing, reconciliation and forgiveness; then, the lack of inclusiveness and out right prejudice in the selection of the so called Steering Committee, will make the entire processes redundant.

The lack of a political agreement at the national level, which puts an end to the war and creates the necessary peaceful environment for dialogue, will seriously affect and fail the purported bottom-up approach;

The so-called bottom-up approach must be accompanied by a legitimate top-down approach, otherwise the various communities will be represented by leaders appointed by Salva Kiir and not necessarily endorsed by the people they are decreed to represent. The divided communities must be brought together in a transparent manner for a meaningful national healing, reconciliation and forgiveness, to the status quo as they were before December 2013;

The ARCISS is a comprehensive agreement which will address issues to do with unequal distribution and outright mismanagement of the economic resources of South Sudan. The Agreement dedicates a whole Chapter (IV), to the establishment of economic institutions which are currently nonexistent; there is not even a National Revenue Authority in the country. The National Dialogue of Salva Kiir will not address these issues, which are the main cause of suffering to the people of South Sudan and is the root cause of the conflict. The process of national healing, reconciliation and forgiveness must be an inclusive process in term of stakeholders and issues including justice and accountability, critical reforms and a roadmap to elections. This is all provided for in the ARCISS; the national dialogue of Salva Kiir will only maintain the status quo, since it is not inclusive of all the stakeholders;

The idea of replacing ARCSS with this One-sided National Dialogue, will make the parties to the conflict more skeptical. And that will make the entire process as aforesaid insignificant.


The SPLM/SPLA salutes the courage of President Salva Kiir in declaring a unilateral ceasefire, this is the best thing that can happen for the people of South Sudan. However, the SPLM/SPLA would like to; again, caution the people of South Sudan to be vigilant and not fall for the usual tricks of the regime. In this regard the SPLM/SPLA(IO) reminds the people of South Sudan and the world:

The first cease fire declared by President Salva Kiir was on July 8, 2016 after the clashes at the Presidential Palace. In a joint statement between the President and the First Vice President (FVP), a cease fire was declared and an investigation was ordered. (;

It is now common knowledge that the following day, President Salva Kiir ordered his (now sacked) Chief of Staff to attack the residence of the FVP. The letter ordering this strike has since been leaked to the media and is available on several news outlets and political blogs websites. (;

The President declared a ceasefire and declared that he would release all political prisoners on the occasion of his unconstitutional National Day of Prayer, held on March 10, 2017. This was followed by the massacres in Kajo-Keji, Pa’jok, Magwi, Yei, Wau Shilluk, Wau, Boma and Pachalla. The President also never released any of the political prisoners he promised to release. (;

The SPLM/SPLA(IO) is still committed to the ceasefire we declared on July 8, 2016 after the clashes that took place at the Presidential Palace (a.k.a. J-1). The SPLM/SPLA(IO); however, reserve the natural right to self-defense in light of the continued genocidal war being waged by the regime and her allies in the region.


The SPLM/SPLA(IO) would also like to take this opportunity to once again remind the people of South Sudan and the world; that, notwithstanding the fact the regime murdered thousands of its own citizens in cold blood in Juba in 2013, plunging the country into a brutal genocidal war, in which President Salva Kiir invited foreign forces to fight on his side against his own people; that:

The President is ruling the people of South Sudan without a mandate, as there have been no elections since independence in 2011 and he is therefore illegitimate;

The President throughout his tenure has also repeatedly violated the South Sudan Transitional Constitution (which he took an oath to uphold), as in the case of sacking elected Governors and his entire cabinet in 2013; (see: BBC NEWS – South Sudan’s Salva Kiir sacks cabinet –;

The President made no secret about his opposition to peace, which was shown by what he called “reservations”; these reservations would eventually become an obstacle to the implementation of the ARCISS and would subsequently lead to its collapse; (see: BBC NEWS – South Sudan leader Salva Kiir snubs peace deal –;

The President has abrogated the only legal treaty that gives him any legitimacy by directing attacks against the First Vice President of the ARCISS and illegally replacing him with conformist, he has rendered the government illegitimate; (See: Al Jazeera News – UN panel blames South Sudan leaders for Juba violence –; and

The President and his family have also been implicated in massive looting of public finances, as reported by the Sentry; this makes him (President Salva Kiir) illegitimate and would have faced impeachment in the real world; (see: The Sentry – War Crimes Shouldn’t Pay –


The SPLM/SPLA IO believes in the spirit of the ARCISS as the only solution to the conflict in South Sudan. The Movement calls on the AU and the UN to expedite the initiation of a reinvigorated and inclusive political process so that we can rescue the suffering people of South Sudan. This immense suffering is compounded by a complete breakdown of law, which is reflected by the regimes expansion of ethnic killings, denying access to humanitarian relief and even looting of humanitarian relief intended for vulnerable people, including killing of aid workers, which is exacerbating the famine in the country.

The SPLM/SPLA in Opposition reiterates its full commitment to the implementation of a negotiated settlement as the only solution to the conflict and the resuscitation of the ARCISS as the basis for this new political process. The Movement also takes this opportunity to assert our natural right of self-defense and our capability to restore law and order in the country through protracted struggle in the face of the expanding genocidal war by the regime in Juba and supported by his allies.

The SPLM/SPLA(IO) believes that ‘our sophisticated weapon’ is not guns and bombs, but our ideas. The idea of the Movement is for peace to return to the Country through the implementation of a negotiated settlement implemented in good faith; anything short of this is wishful thinking.


The ARCISS has provisions which will address these root causes among the most fundamental being: issues to do with the establishment of a constitution, which is guaranteed in CHAPTER I: TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL UNITY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN, Article 13, which establishes the National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) and even has the whole of CHAPTER VI: PARAMETERS FOR PERMANENT CONSTITUTION dedicated to this; it addresses issue relating to the economy in CHAPTER IV: RESOURCE, ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT; it addresses issues of justice and accountability in Chapter V. TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE, ACCOUNTABLITY, RECONCILIATION AND HEALING and the Movement has gone on record, stating our commitment to the establishment of a Hybrid Court of Justice. The leadership of the SPLM/SPLA(IO) are committed to the cause of liberty and justice and as such do not fear to face justice. The SPLM/SPLA(IO) will not accept any conspiracy aimed at circumventing Justice and Accountability.

The SPLM/SPLA(IO) calls on the regime in Juba and her allies, to abandon the politics of trying to “one up” the opposition and engage in serious political process that will bring a lasting solution to the conflict.


CDE Mabior Garang De Mabior–Chairman of
SPLM National Committee For Information and Public Relations.

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