R.I.P. Erica, Whose father Eric Garner killed in NYPD Chokehold


Erica with her father Eric, back in the day

I was deeply saddened to learn of the devastating loss of Erica
Garner. My prayers for peace and comfort go to her family, who have already experienced so much anguish and injustice.

Having spoken to her family, it’s clear that this loss comes while still dealing with the lack of accountability for the unjust killing of her father Eric Garner three years ago. Erica turned what must have been unimaginable grief into courage as an outspoken activist with Black Lives Matter, taking on police misconduct with incredible personal drive.

As we all mourn the loss of this passionate woman, let us take
courage ourselves and continue to fight for the causes she believed in. As we lend our voices of condolence, let us also put greater meaning behind it, especially those with the power to do so, by truly fighting for and finally delivering the justice and accountability her voice came to be known for….and her family so desperately still seeks.

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