Revolution Books Announces Emergency Forum To Discuss Immigration Issue

Photos: Revolution Books

If you are falling for anti-migrant poison—whether it comes from Eric “Black Giuliani” Adams, reactionary Curtis Sliwa, or the “stay home, don’t come” ultimatum of Kamala Harris–you are being played like a video game and used by a life-crushing and planet-destroying system. And if you are standing back and shaking your head while you do nothing to stop this horror, you’re not neutral—you’re making it worse.

You need to get with the Revcoms and do something about it– and become part of the force organizing for a real revolution. We need a fundamentally different system, a new revolutionary power that would welcome the initiative and contributions of those who would come here to take part in building a liberatory socialist society.

If you have a heart for the migrants and are fighting for their rights, your conscience and energy are needed.

REALITY CHECK: Over 100,000 desperate people have been driven to seek shelter in a city of nearly 8½ million people. They have come from all over the world, almost always risking their lives.


Because the countries in which they live have been ripped apart by U.S. economic exploitation, by U.S. military invasions and coups, by U.S. political domination, and by environmental destruction mainly directed from “good ole USA.

REALITY CHECK: People don’t risk their lives on overloaded rafts sailing the Atlantic, or battling poisonous snakes hiking over mountains, or dying in the deserts because they want to sleep on “your” streets and be turned into scapegoats.

From Venezuela to Congo, from El Salvador and Guatemala to Afghanistan, from Haiti to Cambodia, America has wreaked havoc on these peoples and these countries.


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