Redemption by the “Tornado” Santa Cruz


Redemption by the Tornado Santa Cruz

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Distinio Lois, Jr.

“I learned my lesson after losing my cherished Featherweight Crown in the first fight, so I adjusted and regained it” stated a very happy Leo “El Terremoto” Santa Cruz when he defeated his 126 Pound Belfast, Ireland nemesis, Carl “The Jackal” Frampton, and is once again the W.B.A. 126 Pound king.

Using a powerful punishing left jab throughout the entire 12 round ring war, Santa Cruz controlled a very surprised and confused Frampton who felt-my opinion- that he could batter and bully Santa Cruz as in the previous fight in the Barclays Center, 6 month ago, but he could not.

It is always very satisfying when after a defeat the loser adjusts and corrects his errors that led to his first defeat-Cruz’-and then wins the rematch.

Actually this fight was also so highly contested even though Santa Cruz was the clear-cut victor over Frampton that they both agreed to fight a trilogy perhaps in Belfast, Ireland.

From the very first bell you could hear Santa Cruz’ father Jose repeating his instructions, “Remember use that jab, keep him at a distance and then punish him with body shots, don’t try to slug with him like the last time.”

The obedient son Santa Cruz followed the instructions using his ring generalship and out boxed Frampton who tried unsuccessfully to bully him.

There were moments during this exciting fight that Frampton appeared to have the upper-hand as he hit Santa Cruz with hard body and head punches, but it seemed that Santa Cruz was only playing possum as he fought back with fast combinations hurting Frampton as the bell would sound round after round.

Many times Frampton seemed so confused that he would just throw wild missing punches trying to hit Santa Cruz as Cruz would effectively jab his way out of harm’s way.

He really gave Frampton a boxing lesson as the now retired and turned boxing Promoter, Floyd Mayweather would do to his opponents.

It was a well- deserved decision, but I am again confused with the decision of one ring judge. For some strange reason Judge Burt Clemens scored the fight 114 /114 a draw, while the other judges, Dave Moretti & Glenn Feldman both scored the fight 115 / 113. Yes, the fight was close but Santa Cruz was the obvious winner.

Black Star News scored, 117/111 indicating Santa Cruz’ control of the fight from the very beginning.

“You must always listen to your father” stated a very happy Santa Cruz who also expressed relief and gratitude that his previously ailing father Jose is now cancer free.

“I will defend my crown 2 more times”, said the 3 division world champ, “and then move up to challenge Vasly Lomachenko the 130 Pound Champ”.

A disappointed but rational Carl “The Jackal” Frampton, 24-1, 14 knockouts, declared, “Yes I recognized that this time he had the upper hand, but I want a rematch, a trilogy, but this time in Belfast. I fought him here in Las Vegas and now he has to fight me at home.”

It was a very exciting fight that left the over 11,000 fans screaming or demanding a trilogy similar to the late Arturo “Thunder” Gatti and “Irish” Mickey Ward, years ago.

Speaking of “Mickeys”, Mickey Garcia 2 division undefeated former world champ returned to the ring wars after a 2 ½ year absence scoring a thunderous knockout at 2:30 of the 3rd round, over previously undefeated W.B.C. 135 Pound Champ, Dejan Zlaticanin, 23-0. 15 k.o.’s from Pudogortica, Montenegro.

Garcia now owns 3 world title belts hoping to clean up the 135 Pound division, and then move up to the 140 pound & 147 pound levels.

Ambitious young man, but he has the talent, ring generalship, and power to be successful.

BOXING FOOTNOTES: As promised Future Mega Fights:

1) Deontay Wilder vs. Gerald Washington-Heavyweights Saturday, February 25th 2017

2)Danny Garcia vs. Keith Thurman-Welterweights (147 Lb.) Saturday, March 4th 2017 Barclays Center, Brooklyn,

N.Y. 3)Gennady “3G” Golovkin vs. Danny Jacobs-Middleweights (160 Lb.) Saturday, March 18th 2017 Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, N.Y.

4) Ramon “Chocolatito” Gonzalez vs. Wisakil Wangek-Bantamweights (118Lb.) Saturday, March 18th 2017 Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, N.Y.

5) Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn-Welterweights (147 Lb.) Saturday, April 23rd 2017 Brisbane, Australia

6) Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko-Heavyweights) Saturday, April 29th 2017 London, England.

Other mega fights are still in negotiations so stay tuned.

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