Police killings: How Can Black Cops Just Stand and Watch

2017-06-25 15

Kaepernick–justice is very costly. Photo credit: Seatacular.com

Here’s my rejoinder with respect to the June 23, commentary “Police Killings of Black People — America Still operates on the Dred Scott Principle”
The summary executions and gratuitous humiliation of Black Americans is the answer that society is using to force the oppressed to shut up and cower in some corner of the United States.
Dred Scott at least had a day in court all the way to the Supreme Court. Today Black victims are lucky to make it to the police station instead of the morgue.
What we are going through is not an accident or a case of bad apples. In fact where are the good apples and why do they allow bad idividuals to tarnish their reputation?
One big problem is the American obsession with personal careers. If police were more concerned with justice than they are with continued employment with local police departments they would stand up and speak out against what we all see happening everyday.
The Black officer, especially, should be very sensitive to what his White colleagues do while on duty because they also direspect him and he has a gun and badge. Where are the Black police whistle-blowers?
Why does a football player, quarterback Colin Kaepernick, have to announce to the world his unhappiness by taking actions which many don’t want to see?
If the average White citizen isn’t moved or concerned about attacks on unarmed citizens the Black police have no excuse. He could not be totally ignorant to what other police and the courts are constantly doing right before his eyes.

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