Police Brutality: Lawsuit Filed In The Atlanta Killing Of Deacon Johnny Hollman Sr.

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Atlanta, GA – December 5, 2023 – The Estate and Family of Deacon Johnny Hollman Sr. has filed a lawsuit in Dekalb County State Court against the tow truck driver and S&W Towing Company involved in the incident leading to his death. The lawsuit was filed on Monday, December 4th by the Davis Bozeman Johnson Law firm.

Tow truck driver Eric Robinson and former Atlanta Police Department Officer Kiran Kimbrough, who kneeling on Deacon Hollman, who suffered from asthma, are also named in the suit.  The body camera footage that shows the killing of Deacon Johnny Hollman Sr. was released on the eve of Thanksgiving.

“S&W tow truck driver, Eric Robinson, chose to join disgraced former APD officer Kiran Kimbrough’s unlawful and inhumane treatment of Deacon Johnny Hollman, by sitting, with his full body weight, on Deacon Hollman’s neck and head”,  said Harold Spence, an attorney at Davis Bozeman Johnson Law. “We intend to vigorously pursue accountability for Robinson’s and S&W Towing’s roles in Deacon Hollman’s needless and senseless death.”

“This is another necessary step towards holding all involved accountable for the death of Deacon Hollman”, said Mawuli Davis, a founding Partner at Davis Bozeman Johnson Law. “In addition to this civil action, the family is calling for the City of Atlanta to examine and reconsider their business relationship with the company and to criminally prosecute the driver.”



Deacon Hollman was a husband, father, and grandfather. On August 10th, Deacon Johnny Hollman Sr, age 62, had just finished Bible study and was on the way home to take dinner to his wife when he was involved in a minor car accident. He called 911 and waited for over an hour for the police to arrive.

When Officer Kiran Kimbrough arrived, he decided that Deacon Hollman was at fault and issued him a traffic ticket. Deacon Hollman asked to see a sergeant. Officer Kimbrough ignored him and told him he would take him to jail if he did not sign the ticket. Deacon Hollman told Officer Kimbrough he would sign the ticket, but the officer took him to the ground and began tasing him.

Officer Kimbrough was assisted by S&W tow truck driver, Eric Robinson.

Deacon Hollman told the officer “I Can’t Breathe”, fifteen times. Deacon Hollman was pronounced dead at Grady Hospital.


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