Pie Face For Pi At Charter School




Whipped cream or shaving cream? That’s what some middle school students will be asking before they throw a pie in their teacher’s face as part of Uncommon School’s annual Pi Day competition.

The event, held every March 14 (3/14) is a nod to Pi, the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and begins with the digits 3.14.

Hundreds of students, parents, school faculty members, elected officials and community leaders will be on hand as the young scholars are blindfolded and the students who accurately recite the most digits of Pi get to throw a pie in the face of a teacher.

Why? Because it’s fun! Uncommon’s love for math has led to great academic results for students: across grades 3 to 8, Uncommon New York City students outperform both the NYS white students and not economically disadvantaged students on the state math exam.

The participating schools in the event include Leadership Prep Bed-Stuy, Leadership Prep Canarsie, Leadership Prep Brownville, Leadership Prep Ocean Hill, Excellence Girls, Excellence Boys, Brooklyn East Collegiate, Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate, Brownsville Collegiate, Ocean Hill Collegiate, Kings Collegiate and Williamsburg Collegiate, plus Williamsburg Collegiate’s co-located district school, P.S. 16.

While each participating school will have their own contest, the official programs will take place at Williamsburg Collegiate in the morning and Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate in the afternoon.

The commemoration is Friday:

8:00AM: Williamsburg Collegiate Joined by co-located school, P.S. 16, 157 Wilson Street, Bklyn NY 11211

3:30 PM: Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate, 800 Gates Ave, Bklyn NY 11221

Uncommon Schools is a national charter school network with 20 public charter schools in Brooklyn, including 12 middle schools, 6 elementary schools and 2 high schools.

Uncommon starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college. Over 80% of our students qualify for free or reduced price lunch, and nearly all are Black or Latino.

To learn more about our schools, visit: www.uncommonschools.org



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