One Man’s Fight Against Unjust Land Seizure: Actor Courageously Stands Against Eminent Domain Abuse

By Edwin Freeman

Photos: Edwin Freeman

As Edwin Freeman, known for acting roles in popular projects like Notorious and Marvel’s Luke Cage, I’m taking a stand against Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority‘s attempt to seize my Pennsylvania land through eminent domain.

I own 1 acre in Easton, PA that I planned to lease for a cell tower, earning my family over $2.5 million. But in early 2023, the Township notified me that they intended to take my land for a stormwater project, offering me no compensation and claiming no value! After refusing, they offered a paltry $1,456. 

I declined, alleging they violated 26 Pa. C.S. §302 by not providing a development plan. When they sued, I fought back, saying they misrepresented facts and violated my rights under Article I, Section 1 of the PA Constitution. My ongoing case highlights the continued African-American struggle against unjust land seizures nationwide. My fight against the Township’s attempt to take my valuable land for almost nothing is an inspiration. I’m standing up not just for myself, but all property owners’ rights.

Readers can join the eminent domain abuse fight by contacting the Institute for Justice at or (703) 682-9320 for free legal help. Activists can also call PA Governor Josh Shapiro at (717) 787-2500 and advocate reforming state eminent domain laws. Together, we can stand with me to defend the constitutional rights and private property of all Americans.

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