October 18: Congo Week VIII Launches At MET


Friends of the Congo (FOTC) is commemorating Congo Week VIII from October 18 – 24. We are excited to host special events in New York City this year in conjunction with The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) and Congo in Harlem Film and Performance Series.

Congo Week launches on Sunday, October 18th with a special tour of the pre-colonial Kongo exhibition, Kongo: Power and Majesty at The MET. The afternoon tour and discussion at The MET will be followed by an evening film screening and reception (Congolese art, food, music and dance) at Maysles Cinema in Harlem.

Each day of Congo week will address diverse issues (history, culture, independence, Lumumba, youth, women, natural resources, etc) related to Congo’s historical and contemporary experience. Click here to see the themes that are discussed during Congo Week.

Congo Week will culminate on Saturday, October 24th with an inter-generational exchange featuring Dr. Nzongola-Ntalaja and Sarah Kazadi, who will discuss the current political climate and social movements in the Congo.

There are Congo Week events taking place in the United States, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, Costa Rica, United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Stay abreast of Congo Week activities via Twitter by using #CongoWeek or #CongoWeek2015 hashtags.

Access Congo Week materials (films, videos, flyers, fact sheets and more).

RSVP for the opening day of Congo Week in New York on Sunday, October 18th via Facebook event page.

Contribute to the organizing of Congo Week with a donation.


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