NYPD Reports New York City Crime Continues to Fall Sharply



Police Commissioner O’Neill 
New York City continues to experience a reduction in overall crime this year. There were 2,322 fewer index crimes reported year-to-date, or -3%, compared with 2015. Additionally, there were 97 fewer shootings year-to-date, or -10.9%, and 10 fewer murders year-to-date, or -3.7%; compared with 2015.
The month of September 2016 is safest September in the entire Compstat-era, with 1,163 fewer total index crimes reported, or -12.1% compared with September 2015. Reductions in the following crime categories have resulted in the lowest number of crimes reported for any September in the entire Compstat-era: robbery is down 220 crimes, or -14.3%; burglary is down 338 crimes, or -24.8%; and grand larceny auto is down 176 crimes, or -22.7%. Additionally for September 2016, Murder is down two, or -5.8%; rape is down 27 crimes, or -20.0%; felonious assault is down 89 crimes, or -4.9%; grand larceny is down 311 crimes, or -7.9%; and shootings are up 10 crimes, or +10.2%.
“The hard work of the men and women of the NYPD is self-evident, but it is also supported by a sustained reduction in crime,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill. “With September’s sharp reductions in every major crime category, on top of a historically low-crime summer, we are poised for a terrific fall season.  I am privileged to lead such a committed group of law enforcement professionals, and look forward to telling their ongoing stories of success.”
“After the safest summer in decades, New York City remains the safest big city in America. While other cities across the nation fight rising violent crime rates, long-term crime trends in our city continue to fall,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the police department and further proof that precision and neighborhood policing are effective. I have every faith that Commissioner O’Neill will continue to strengthen the bond between police and community, while New Yorkers do their part and remain vigilant to stop violence before it starts and help drive down crime even further.”
The Transit Bureau is down 10 crimes for September 2016, or -4.6%, and the Housing Bureau is down 63 crimes for September 2016, or -13.9%; compared with 2015.

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