NYC Council Member Charles Barron Attacked On NY 1 Interview Over Retiree Bill

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NYC Council Member Charles Barron has come under attack by DC37 Executive Director Henry Garrido (shown below) recently interviewed on NY 1’s Inside Edition with Errol Louis.

This one-sided conversation is not in favor of the retiree bill introduced this Thursday by NYC Council member Barron relating to the 250 thousand NYC Public Service Retirees’ health care plan.

Garrido has vowed to yank support i.e. endorsements of any NYC Council member supporting this bill. Although he does not represent these former retirees he has aligned himself with Mayor Adams, which is telling and concerning (something you would not expect from a so-called “Labor Leader. )

Nonetheless, he needs your help and support in his upcoming re-election campaign. (see below)

Daily News Article:
New York Daily News: DC37 chief may yank support of NYC council members in Medicare feud.

Please contact NY1 at 212 379-3456 or 212 379-3311,  and demand they give NYC Council Member Charles Barron equal time on this issue ASAP and before Tuesday’s election
For help with the campaign to Re-elect Charles Barron, please contact Pastor Brenda Ross at  917 841-5615 or Evelyn Pugh at 917 215-8083
“Power concedes nothing without a demand!” (Frederick Douglass)
“Fight like hell for the living!” (Mother Jones)

One thought on “NYC Council Member Charles Barron Attacked On NY 1 Interview Over Retiree Bill

  1. Charles Barron is a HERO.
    The reporter did not do his homework. His questions to Garrido were biased and misinformed. Mr. Barron will not be intimidated by a thug like Garrido. He will continue to do what is fair. Vote Garrido out.

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