No Mr. Trump—You’re The One Who’s A Barbarian And Savage

Photos: YouTube Screenshots

On Saturday, while he was speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition Conference, Donald Trump said, “If you spill a drop of American blood, we will spill a gallon of yours…I will defend America, and I will defend Western civilization from the barbarians and savages and fascists that you see now trying to do harm to our beautiful Israel.”

Is anyone more of a barbarian than the man who weaponized his MAGA followers to try and overthrow American democracy on Jan. 6, 2021?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict–which has now escalated into a bloodbath nightmare for Palestinians civilians–is a serious matter. We should ignore political arsonists, and asses, like Donald  Trump, who offer us no real answers or solutions to solving the problems to the crisis in Israel\Palestine.

Donald Trump’s contemptible comments shouldn’t surprise us. He is a consummate provocateur, and liar, who makes Pinocchio look like a truth teller.

Hypocritically, he talks about fascists. But this terrorist thug will do anything to regain power and fulfill his truly fascist agenda. Trump was clearly willing to sacrifice the lives of American legislators in Congress when he agitated his MAGA terrorists on Jan. 6.

Obviously, he has no problem spilling American blood to keep himself in power.

Trump was quite willing to have his MAGA mob even murder Republicans. Remember the “kill Mike Pence” chants that were happening in Congress—with the gallows on the grounds near the Capitol—while Trump was at the White House ignoring desperate calls to stop the coup attempt?

The only reason many Americans still are unclear about the danger of Donald Trump is because of the massive failure of mainstream media to unmask this fraud. Corporate media institutions are the ones most responsible for the rise of Trump, allowing him to push his fake news stories about being a successful developer—instead of point out that he is nothing more than a spoiled trust fund baby, whose wealthy father was named Fred Trump.

Unfortunately, the media is once again failing us on Trump. How else can a twice-impeached president, who has been indicted four times, and faces some 91 felony charges, be running away with the Republican nomination for the presidency in 2024—and is basically neck-and-neck, in the polls, with President Biden?

The media was so focused on the ratings bonanza they were getting from Trump that they amplified—and legitimize—him to masses of Americans who are ignorant to the fact that the history media fed us about Trump, for decades, is the ultimate fake news story.

Sadly, the media still uses Trump for ratings. This is why they report to us about Trump’s Saturday comments calling for the spilling of blood.

If only the media would educate the American public about this man’s danger to American democracy. Unfortunately, despite all of Trump’s obvious criminality, this monster may well become the next president.

If there is any real justice in America, Donald Trump will eventually be fitted for an orange prison-issued uniform. This fascistic American barbarian must be neutralized because of the threat he poses to the nation. He must be punished for his crimes against American democracy.

Unfortunately, even if he is imprisoned, American blood will be spilled because of all the divisiveness Trump has fomented with his MAGA movement.




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